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Esports: How Pro Gamers Train to Stay at the Top of the scene

61   //    16 Apr 2019, 13:07 IST

Training Facility for E-sports professionals
Training Facility for E-sports professionals

Esports grew all over the world in recent few years. With more money pouring in Esports is now no lesser than traditional sports. This is where the question comes in - How can moving a mouse and pressing some keys can be compared to physical sports?

There are a few factors in any sport - Money, sponsors, exposure, and training facility. We all know that when it comes to Money, sponsors, and exposure - Esports is not behind any traditional sport. The training facility was the only thing that was lacking in the pro-Esports scene. But time is changing and players, as well as managers and coaches, now realized that physical training is as important as anything else.

In Esports you get to make split-second calls that can change your fate, literally, considering the fact there is a huge amount of money in the line in every pro-e-sports tournament. These split-second calls (What you know as Clutch plays) decide whether you will go home empty handed or with a few million dollars.

Owners and trainers of the most teams think that these clutch moments will happen more often and become a habit for players if they train hard enough, physically. The fraction of second can decide if you will win the first prize or second. Just like in cricket, when you run for a catch, dive and miss it, everyone claps and calls it a great effort but if the player was 1 second faster he would be reaching the point early and it will be an easy catch. It's how you want to see it.

Another difference between sports and esports is the age limit. In Esports maximum age can be around 24-25 and that's it, while in traditional sports people play at the age of 30+. So how can you play a game at that age when its physically harder and can't play on the computer? Reflex, eye-sight, muscle memory is a big part of E-sports and players, training can make it better. With proper training, your reflexes will be the same as a 22-year-old guy even when you are 32.

Recently, the owner of Complexity gaming talked about the importance of physical training and he believes that soon we will have a scene where e-sports players will be able to play up to the age of 35+. Cowboys bought the team of Complexity and now they have their own training facility, campus, boot camp, and everything. Their aim is to train the players and watch them improve.

If you are an Esports fan who loves following the players to get better, this is one thing you need to follow. Train hard In-game and train harder outside the game so you can keep getting better.

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