Everything to know about Lifeslide’s PC release

Everything to know about Lifeslide’s PC release (Image by Lifeslide)
Everything to know about Lifeslide’s PC release (Image by Lifeslide)

Developed by Dreamteck, Lifeslide is a relaxation puzzle game, which launched recently on PC via Steam.

Lifeslide originally launched on the Apple Arcade in 2019. The game is a minimally controlled relaxation puzzle that encourages players to lean back and relax. In Lifeslide, players master an engineless flight mechanic where gravity and terrain are key elements to stay in flight. 28 levels flowing seamlessly into each other, all of them presenting a unique challenge.

Two years after its original debut in Apple Arcade, the game jumps to the PC platform through steam.

What’s new in the PC version of Lifeslide

Lifeslide was not only one of the most prominent indie games at this year’s E3, but it was also one of the few cherry-picked indie games highlighted in Steam Next Fest.

Since its announcement in 2018, the developers at Dreamteck have made massive changes to the game. Mitko Tsaprev, CEO of Dreamteck and Creative Director of Lifeslide, previously told Sportskeeda,

"Since the release on Apple Arcade, we have added 12 new levels and reworked 10 other levels, added 4 new paper planes, tweaked, changed and improved gameplay mechanics and behaviors added new game modes, improved graphics, and performance as well as onboarding. Basically, we have improved and expanded the game in every possible way."

With the jump to PC, Dreamteck has polished the experience and expanded on it by adding new levels, plane models, and appearances. The developers of Lifeslide have also overhauled some existing levels and extended them, while others have been reworked from scratch.

The Lifeslide PC version launches in three modes, which are,

  • Story – Procedurally generated 28 levels in chronological order.
  • Zen – a laidback experience for players, with an extensive configuration menu.
  • Weekly Challenges – A unique weekly challenge with leaderboards.

Developers at Dreamteck have also been teasing gameplay footage of the multiplayer racing mode for Lifeslide, which is currently in the works.

Lifeslide launched on PC via Steam on August 6th, 2021, for $14.99/- USD (₹459/- INR). The game also has a demo available on Steam.

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Edited by Srijan Sen
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