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Everything We Know About The Leaked Harry Potter Game So Far


According to leaks, the Harry Potter RPG will be called Harry Potter: Magic Awakened
According to leaks, the Harry Potter RPG will be called Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

If you've been living under a rock for the last week, you may not have a heard that a Reddit user posted a video taken on a phone of what looks like an upcoming Harry Potter RPG, the game Potterheads have been dreaming of since first laying their eyes on Bully more than a decade ago.

If the video surfacing wasn't enough evidence for some, the copyright takedowns issued left, right and centre since from Warner Brothers seems to confirm it beyond a doubt. What else do we know about the Harry Potter RPG so far? Let's take a look.

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Time period and customization

According to a part of the leaked video, the game takes place in Hogwarts in the 1800's with the player taking control of a 5th year student. Not much else is known about the actual storyline so far but we wouldn't want spoilers, would we?

One thing the older Harry Potter games were hamstrung by was the fact that players had to control Harry Potter which limited the scope of story and gameplay. Now, players will get to fully customize their characters according to the leaked video, from appearance to body type etc.

Magical Creatures

It looks like we'll get to interact with a number of magical creatures from the Harry Potter Universe if the trailer is anything to go by. With another Fantastic Beasts film around the corner, this shouldn't come as a surprise.

Combat System

From the trailer, it looks like the combat system will involve the standard weapon wheel in RPG's, except here it will be spells instead. We see some combat in the trailer, including what looked like a goblin getting killed after getting hit with shrapnel. The environment can also be used in combat, with the trailer showing spells hitting a pillar causing the walls it supported crushing enemies.

The Open World

As of now, it looks like the whole of Hogwarts, the Forbidden Forest and even Hogsmeade could be fully explorable.

Morality System and lessons

The game looks like it will include a morality system depending on your choices and actions. Players can delve into the dark side if they want.


Like previous Harry Potter games, players will have to attend lessons to hone their skills and learn new spells. The trailer shows a potions class and transfiguration class.

Next-gen game?

According to YouTuber DreamcastGuy, the new Harry Potter RPG could very well be meant for a release on the next generation of consoles. The destruction physics in the trailer, especially, makes it feel like this generation of consoles won't be able to support it.

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