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Exclusive: "Becoming the world champions will be our only motto going forward" says Entity Ghatak

  • In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda, Entity Ghatak opened up about his team's preparation and much more ahaed of the Pro League.
Modified 06 Mar 2020, 11:55 IST

Photo credit: Entity Ghatak
Photo credit: Entity Ghatak

Entity Gaming has emerged as an esports organization in the country today who we can safely call chronic winners. They have successfully established their domination in both PUBG Mobile and CS:GO, and boasts of a considerable fan following.

In recent times, Entity Gaming's PUBG Mobile team has made waves in the Indian gaming community, as they became the first Indian team to get into the top 5 in an international LAN event. The PMCO Global Finals will surely be ranked as Abhijeet Andhare aka Entity Ghatak's finest performance as a leader who seemed to march his troops with authority and confidence. Playing against the best teams in the world, Ghatak had to stand up to what he professed that is to leave a mark at the world stage and suck out hope from their opponents.

In this process, they have began to acquire an aura around them. Thanks to their 'aggressive playstyle', the Indian PUBG Mobile fans were able to look at the game with zest once again; and the fact that an Indian team could compete against the best in the world, was starting to reappear on the horizons after a low key outing of other Indian teams in global stage.

A monument was built and a seed was sown and both were thrilling to watch. Jonathan and Neyooooo showed why the word 'genius' sits humbly on their shoulders with their insane fragging power. Fueled with confidence and zeal to succeed, Jonathan and Neyooooo are the latest prodigy that has dropped jaws of many. Importantly they have shaped around a team where Entity Ghatak brings the much needed experience to pair with youth and energy. Jonathan was ranked 5th best player in kill leaderboard in the PMCO Fall Split Global Finals that reflects the agressive attitude of Entity Gaming players.

As the Pro League closes in, Sportskeeda caught up with Entity Ghatak and spoke to him about their preparation, mindset and much more. Many PUBG Mobile fans have already started labelling Entity Gaming as the favourites and is believed that the confidence of having done well in the global tournaments and in most demanding circumstances, will carry them on the crest of a wave that will inspire them to win yet another title.

DD: How is your team shaped up for Pro League? Are you guys ready?

EG: Yes my team is ready, but there are certain areas we're constantly looking to improve on leading to the Pro League and wanted to play the tournament without any half measures. Since our team saw inclusion of two new players, initially we faced coordination issues and had to work on it. Now we're playing the practice scrims very seriously to bring in the much needed experience of handling end zone situations and hopefully that reflects in our performance when we play the big games.

DD: Tell us more about Entity Gaming's two new addition to PUBGM roster, ClutchGod & Zgod. What did you see in them?

EG: I have been following ZGod closely from the time Zero Degree started playing Tier 1 scrims. I was overawed with his skills and wanted him to play for us, but at the same time he made it clear to us that he'll continue with his existing team. However going forward, he had to quit his roster owing to some internal issues and approached me if he could join us. With the departure of Aman, we found a like-to-like replacement in the form of ZGod, whose skills and temperament are unmatched. He is now our entry fragger and is proving his place in the team.


While ClutchGod according to me is an excellent prospect for any team. His performance in PMIT speaks for itself, be it as a support player or as a filter. While he has got no real experience of leading a team in big tournaments, but has all the ingredients to be a perfect general to march this team.

DD: How difficult was the decision for you to give up your place and become the 5th player? What's your role in the team now?

EG: This decision was based on the fact that to pit ourselves against other international teams and to come out on top, we want an IGL who can do the fragging paired with strategical gameplay. I've realised that I do have a good game knowledge but my fragging skills is a bit average compared to the other players.

Therefore I decided to bench myself and become the 5th player and their coach. We are lucky to have Clutchgod with us to fill my shoes. He has the ability to bind the team together. The good thing about this team is once the leader takes a decision, there is an alignment for the plan to succeed. Consensus may not be 100 per cent but commitment is. It is a great line and at the heart of team spirit. So I don't think he'll have a tough time leading the side. Hopefully we come out good and be able to express ourselves and play that brand of gameplay we're known for, with this lineup.

DD: Entity Gaming's success was largely dependent on your leadership skills, do you think Clutchgod will be able to replicate that? What's your opinion on Clutchgod as the IGL?

EG: I believe everything comes with a tad bit of experience. Clutchgod is just seventeen years old, and to be able to pick up the kind of game knowledge that he has at such early age is commendable. Yes he does have some limitations which I'm sure everyone has including me. This assessment of how good you are, or indeed can be, is critical. It is important for any player to recognize their limitations and then start working steadfastly towards expanding the range you can work in, which is what I like about Clutchgod.

He has shown a great deal of maturity when we sit to discuss the map rotations and I believe this team will go places under him. I always try to share my experiences with him and I don't think there will be any compromise as far as his leadership is concerned. In case if he is put under pressure, I'm always there for him and the team. And it can happen because this is a fairly long tournament where the stakes are high with optimum level of competition and a lot of teams breathing down your neck.

DD: The world knows how fierce the duo of Jonathan-Neyoo is. Do you back them to top the kill leaderboards this time in PMPL? Talk us through about their strengths and what they bring to the team.

EG: The biggest positive about both Jonathan and Neyoo is that they are fearless. They have the ability to take down anyone in the world and can engage multiple fights simultaneously. Another facet of their game is they don't think about topping individual kill leaderboards and prioritizes team wins instead. We believe kills will come as a byproduct of maintaining consistency every game.

In my team, the feelings of comradeship, of surrendering the self to the wider cause is the only goal. When you are in a mob, and all of us are in a mob sometimes, self-preservation will always prevail. However when a team is performing, and therefore settled, and where individuals are secure, they can rise above the self and play for the cause, which is what we at Entity Gaming always look for, ie. collective pride.

DD: Entity Gaming has done reasonably well in global tournaments and you guys play an aggressive brand of gameplay. Spill the beans about your team's approach this time? Passive or go all out?

EG: I can recall responding to a similar question during the PMCO Spring Split, if we'll play aggressive or low key. I told them it doesn't matter if we don't win the cup, we'll play that brand of PUBG Mobile which will etch our mark in global stage. Entity will go at the opposition's face, take bold decisions when required and won't hold ourselves back to put up a fight. 

Our primary objective this time would be to have a large kill difference. In the previous edition of PMCO regional finals, we were placed second in the overall kills department and this time our focus will be on it to maintain a healthy difference so that no can surpass us.

DD: Is there any team that can possibly be a threat to you in your quest of winning the PMPL 2020 title?

EG: We as an unit don't pay attention to that, the race is within us, to outdo our own performance whilst always staying on our toes for the potential challenges the teams might throw at us. Now as you can see every team is strong enough to cause upsets and I think the winning cycles are getting shorter.

Earlier, one team could dictate terms once they settle in and had longer and unchallenged run at the top. But now trends have changed. I told my boys to keep doing the basics right and not care about the external factors. You might scoff at this simplistic statement. On close examination, you'll probably come around to the conclusion that there is a lot of truth in it.

DD: A message to Entity Gaming supporters and what they can expect from you guys in the Pro League.

EG: I honestly didn't think that so many of you guys will support us for the work that we're doing. And I give my word to our fans, that this time, Entity Gaming will either win a global tournament or get as close as possible to that coveted trophy, while becoming the world champions will be our only motto going forward. Thank you Sportskeeda it was nice talking to you.

Published 06 Mar 2020, 11:55 IST
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