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FaceIt Major London 2018: MiBR and NaVi qualify for semi-finals

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Modified 21 Sep 2018, 15:27 IST

The main event for the FaceIt Major London 2018 has begun. The first two Quarter Final matches took place last night and we had our first two semi-finalists. The SSE Arena in Wembley, London hosted two incredible series which saw the winning teams absolutely dominate their opponents.

Quarter Final 1: Natus Vincere vs BIG

Na'Vi and BIG faced each other in the night's first match. BIG were the massive underdogs and Na'Vi were the juggernauts. BIG also received home support as Owen 'Smooya' Butterfield was one of only 2 British players to participate in this tournament.

The home crowd left disappointed, however, as Na'Vi demolished BIG in the first two maps, eliminating them from the Major. The match started out in Dust II which was BIG's pick. Na'Vi got off to a flying start as they took the first 5 rounds. BIG fired back taking two rounds in a row but that was all they managed. Na'Vi would not drop a single round the whole game and finish the half 13-2 and the match 16-2.

Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev and Denis 'electronic' Sharipov each got 21 frags and were the highest rated players for the game.

Game 2 was on Na'Vi's pick of Nuke. BIG won the pistol but lost the next anti-eco round. The match was similar to their Dust II match as Na'Vi picked up 12 rounds in the first half on the T-side of Nuke. BIG started to mount a comeback as they took the first 3 rounds of the 2nd half. But Na'Vi would bounce back in their first buy round and put together 4 consecutive rounds to win the game 16-6.

Ioann 'Edward' Sukhariev and Egor 'flamie' Vasilyev were the stars of the match with 20 frags each.

Quarter Final 2: MiBR vs Complexity

MiBR and Complexity faced each other in the 2nd and final game of the day. The two teams had rough years but bounced back in time for the Major. Complexity was the underdog and the home favorites thanks to British player Rory 'dephh' Jackson being a part of their team.

The home crowd suffered yet more disappointment as MiBR convincingly thrashed Complexity and qualified for the semi-finals. The first map was MiBR's pick of Train. The Brazilian-American team got off to a great start as they took 8 rounds in a row. Complexity hit back with two rounds and the teams traded rounds to end the first half with the score at 11-4. But MiBR absolutely dominated the second round, ending the game 16-4.


Marcelo 'Coldzera' David posted a monstrous 1.89 rating with 20 frags. Fernando 'fer' Alvarenga was the top fragger however with 22 kills.

The next map was Complexity's pick - Inferno. This was the closest map of the day as Complexity looked strong. The first half was action packed. MiBR took the first 3 rounds but Complexity won the next 5 rounds in a row. Fallen aced to bring MiBR back into the game in the 9th round but Complexity would take the next 2 rounds again. The first half ended 8-7 to Complexity. MiBR won the 2nd pistol round again but Complexity won the anti-eco. Complexity improved their lead to 12-10 but MiBR came back to take the game 16-10 after 6 consecutive round wins.

Fernando 'fer' Alvarenga was the star of the match with 23 frags and a 1.53 rating. Gabriel 'Fallen' Toledo was the top fragger with 24 kills.

With their victories, MiBR and Na'Vi will face each other in the first Semi-Final.

Published 21 Sep 2018, 15:27 IST
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