Fan has an extreme reaction after getting Twitch Streamer 'Sodapoppin's' phone number on live stream

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Twitch streamer Sodapoppin saw a fan react in an extreme fashion, after the streamer agreed to share his number with her.

Chance Morris aka Sodapoppin, has had a rather interesting career until now. He initially shot to fame after streaming ‘World of Warcraft’ on XFire, and moved to Twitch around 2012. In this article, we look at a rather old clip of Sodapoppin, where a fan goes ahead and asks him for his number.

Back in 2014 and 2015, Chance would stream Blackjack games on various Casino websites, where he would bet thousands of dollars on an everyday basis.

He currently is one of the owners of NRG, after it bought out Canadian eSports organization Northern Gaming, of which he was the co-owner. Sodapoppin currently has more than a million subscribers on YouTube, and more than 2.8 million followers on Twitch.


Sodapoppin is known for his hilariously witty personality, and such a long career means that he is well-respected within the content creators community as well.

Image Credits: TwiPepe, YouTube
Image Credits: TwiPepe, YouTube

Fan asks Sodapoppin for his phone number, loses her cool when he agrees

As you can see in the video below, Sodapoppin was out signing autographs for fans, when a rather excited woman approached him. The two got talking, and Sodapoppin can be seen repeatedly saying ‘Okay’ to her.

She then went on to rather politely ask him for his phone number. This caught the streamer off-guard, but he eventually seemed ‘okay’ with the notion of sharing his number with the fan.

“Okay. You are asking me how to stream too. Sure, you can have my number.”

The fan ended up losing her calm, as she screamed out in excitement and began to jump around. She then tried her luck to see if she could get a hug from the streamer as well.

“I wanna hug you so bad right now!”


However, Sodapoppin was rather busy, and had to be somewhere else. He returned the pen that he had borrowed from another fan, and was soon on his way.

According to fans on YouTube, Sodapoppin talked about the incident in a subsequent stream, and even told his viewers that the fan had a boyfriend, and that she just wanted to be friends with him. Irrespective, the exchange between the two was both hilarious and heartwarming.

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