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Far Cry 4 no longer available on the Xbox digital store

Far Cry 4 has been removed from Xbox One digital store for an unknown reason

News 06 Jan 2015, 23:14 IST
Far Cry 4 no longer available on the Xbox Digital Store
The game has been removed for unknown reason

An unknown disruption has brought upon on a unresolvable conflict that has caused Xbox One digital copies of Far Cry 4 to be no longer be available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and many users who previously purchased digital copies have reported issues loading or playing the game on their consoles. A community manager from Ubisoft confirms that the team is "actively investigating the issue" and suggests users contact Xbox Support as well.

This maybe related to the issue that Far Cry 4 appears to have been removed from the Xbox Store for some users," the community manager explains in a Ubisoft forum post. "Please make sure you are contacting Xbox Support for your region - however the team are actively investigating the issue, but please make sure Xbox Support are aware you are experiencing the issue.”

The cause for Far Cry 4's disappearance from the store has not yet been confirmed, although a Ubisoft representative has suggested that a glitch may be responsible. Both Ubisoft and Microsoft are looking into the matter and will provide updates as they become available.

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