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Far Cry: Ranking the main games in the series

Image credits: microsoft
Image credits: microsoft
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 21 Sep 2020, 16:38 IST

The Far Cry franchise is one of the most successful in gaming and has been able to put out back-to-back hits with each successive release. These games' core focus is on freedom of gameplay, as well as a strong emphasis on story and cinematic value, cementing the series' position at the very pinnacle of AAA gaming.

With Far Cry 6 looming on the horizon, fans will, no doubt, revisit the franchise and experience some of the best open-world first-person shooters on the market. The Far Cry series includes not only five great mainline entries, but also spin-offs that are also quite great.

However, here, for the sake of brevity, we take a look at the five main entries in this franchise, as those can offer the most amount of content, and the most value-for-money in the market currently.

Far Cry: Ranking the main games in the series

Honourable Mention: Far Cry: Blood Dragon

Although a spin-off of Far Cry 3, Blood Dragon has a lot to offer, and is possibly the most fun entry in the entire franchise. This 80s action-movie inspired game is one of the most creative and fun spin-offs in the history of gaming.


5) Far Cry

The first game was so far removed from the identity that this series would go on to establish that it barely resembles the current franchise. However, Far Cry is possibly one of the most challenging games in this series, and its sci-fi-style story might appeal more to certain players.

The first game in this series puts players in control of Jack Carver as he attempts to survive against insurmountable odds on an island. On their way, players will encounter not just human enemies, but also mutated monsters.

It introduced a level of freedom of approach never seen before in gaming, which would go on to provide the foundation for the rest of the franchise. The story isn't exactly winning any awards or been appreciated in 2020, yet, it has a certain amount of cliched charm to it.

Far Cry hasn't necessarily aged all that well, given its somewhat mediocre story and absurd difficulty spikes. The game is still quite enjoyable if players know what they're getting into.

4) Far Cry 4


If we are only considering art-style and visual brilliance, then Far Cry 4 wipes the floor with the rest of the games in this franchise. It is set in the beautiful yet dangerous fictional country of Kyrat, a state in the Himalayan regions.

The open-world is filled with stark beauty and absolute wonderous views that will entice players into exploring the vast and dangerous map. This game amps up the gameplay from the previous entry in a lot of ways by introducing a level of verticality with the locations never seen before in the Far Cry franchise. The story, however, is perhaps the most divisive aspect of the game.

While some appreciated the more personal touch to the story, a lot felt it was convoluted to the extent they didn't quite understand it even after finishing it. A lot of players felt the lack of nuance with the characters added to the somewhat disconnected story.

Others regard it as one of the best stories in history; therefore, it is purely down to personal choice whether Far Cry 4 will be your cup of tea or not.

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Published 21 Sep 2020, 16:38 IST
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