Far Cry: Ranking the main games in the series

Image credits: microsoft
Image credits: microsoft

3) Far Cry 5


The latest main entry in this franchise looked to bring the Far Cry experience to the United States, with a cult story that pleased a large majority of the fan base. This modern-day western was a great spin and much-appreciated detour for fans of this series.

The Far Cry franchise, for the large part, has given players a fully fleshed-out and voiced character as the protagonist. Moreover, in the fifth game, players could customise and develop their character from scratch.

While the customisation options are limited at best, it does add more to the RPG-like experience the game attempted. The gameplay is front and centre, with far more freedom and tools afforded to the player.

The story, for the most part, is engaging with memorable characters such as Faith Seed and the main antagonist, Joseph Seed. While the game has been extremely divisive, it is hard to deny the sheer quality in its best moments.

2) Far Cry 2


For a large portion of the fanbase, Far Cry 2 remains the most authentic Far Cry experience to date. A case can be made that the games that followed the second entry in the franchise were only its watered-down version.

This title is challenging, brutal, and by far, the most rewarding once players get past the initial difficulty. It introduced a revolutionary game engine that had game systems naturally interacting with each other, as well as a fully-realised day-night cycle.

From guns jamming realistically to the players having to take malaria shots regularly, Far Cry 2 is a level of challenge never seen before or since in the franchise.

It is truly a unique experience and one that fans of the open-world FPS genre should definitely try.

1) Far Cry 3


The game that succeeded the famed second entry in the series struck a balance that still maintained a consistent level of challenge, yet made it more accessible to a broader audience.

While Far Cry 2 had a mediocre story at best, Far Cry 3 took the reins and delivered one of the best stories and characters of its time. Characters such as the villainous Vaas are gaming legends at this point; setting the benchmark for video game antagonists for the games that followed.

Far Cry 3 is, arguably, the game that shot the franchise into the mainstream and formed the bedrock of all the success it has seen. There aren't many games in history that have successfully delivered a great sequel, but Far Cry is testament to how to develop a one perfectly.

Disclaimer: This article is based on personal preference, and what may be top for one person may differ for another.

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