FaZe pro caught on live stream calling C9 TenZ's girlfriend 'the type to cheat'

FaZe Marved was recently seen talking about TenZ's girlfriend.
FaZe Marved was recently seen talking about TenZ's girlfriend.
Rishabh B.

In a recent stream, FaZe pro Marved ended up saying some offensive things about Cloud9 pro TenZ’s girlfriend Kai.

Jimmy "Marved" Nguyen is a Valorant eSports player who currently plays for FaZe’s Valorant team. In a recent live stream, he seemed to have forgotten that he was still on camera, and ended up talking about his fellow professional TenZ’s girlfriend.

FaZe Marved was talking to some other gamers on his stream when the conversation shifted to TenZ’s girlfriend. The streamer ended up talking about Kai’s stream, and said that he is sure she is going to “cheat on TenZ”.

FaZe Marved caught talking about TenZ's girlfriend Kai on a live stream

In the video that you can see below, it appears as though FaZe Marved had no idea that he was still live on camera. On Twitch, Marved currently has around 15K followers, and he plays games such as CS: GO, League of Legends, and Overwatch in addition to Valorant.

In the video FaZe Marved can be seen talking about TenZ’s girlfriend. TenZ himself is a retired CS:GO professional who since April has become a Valorant professional. He currently plays for Cloud9 and has around 523K followers on Twitch.

His girlfriend, Kyedae Shymko is a Twitch streamer/gamer with around 42k followers on the platform. She plays games such as Valorant and Fall Guys. Quite a few of her streams are also of the “Just Chatting” genre.

The streamer was speaking to fellow gamers when Shymko became the topic of conversation. After clips of his statements started doing the rounds on social media, FaZe Marved was rather embarrassed about the conversation and posted an apology on Twitter.

As you can see, he explained that he apologized “privately” for some stupid things that he said. He also apologized to his fans and promised to do better from here on. The incident was even picked up by Jake Lucky, who posted a video on the Esports Talk YouTube channel.

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