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FIFA 18: Beta Codes released for XBox and PS4

Serving as a boon to FIFA enthusiasts, EA officials released Beta codes to a select number of players.

News 10 Aug 2017, 14:09 IST


What's the story?

Selected FIFA PS4 and XBox fans can now have access to the Beta codes to up their game, with the codes being rolled out officially, as confirmed by officials. As stated by Dailystar, EA sports officials confirmed the following to their fans by saying, "This year we've removed registration. We're emailing selected players with their Beta codes".

In case you didn't know

EA officials also stated that it is only a select few who will be able to avail of these codes, since they have only enough Beta codes for the players that emails were sent to. It is said that if one did not receive an email then it would in all probability mean that the player would not be able to get one even on any other forums.

However, as a sliver lining, there might still be time for a player to access one since the rolling out of emails have begun.

The heart of the matter

This interesting piece of news that was shared last night by EA Sports representatives does not divulge the contents of the Beta codes. Therefore, there are no answers to questions that involve an access to Pro Clubs, Ultimate Team, Career Mode as well as other game modes.

The first section of the journey; The Hunter Returns, however, will still be included in one way or another. There is also no certainty about which teams will be included. However, if they are similar to the kind of build the EA has been showcasing at preview events, then the teams are most likely to include Chelsea, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Manchester United, PSG, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Toronto FC and LA Galaxy.

What's next?

EA officials also released a checklist for its fans in order to assure themselves that they would be receiving the much-coveted email. Fans have been asked to check their mails that have been linked to their EA accounts. This email will include a Closed Beta access code for X Box One or PlayStation 4.

A list of rules has also been incorporated that suggest that one should be 18 and above years of age. One needs to have an EA account, an internet connection, and an accepted User as well as FIFA 18 Beta agreement.

It must be noted that image capturing and live streaming of the Closed Beta game play and other forums is against rules. While signing off, officials also stated that even if one has not received an email. players can still look forward to the FIFA 18 demo that will be available to public in a few weeks.

Author's take

With the FIFA fever gripping the nation every year, its enthusiasts are always on the lookout to improve their game. The release of the Beta codes therefore, is sure to impress its lucky email recipients who will now have an extra edge while immersing themselves in the game.

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