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FIFA 18: Fans disappointed with Alex Hunter's rating

Aditya Dutta
2.21K   //    26 Sep 2017, 20:48 IST

Alex Hunter
Alex Hunter

What’s the story?

If there's one thing FIFA 17 left us in awe, it's got to be The Journey featuring, Alex Hunter. The Journey offered a very realistic insight into the rise of a pro-footballer. Hunter's claim to fame is largely affected by the player's decisions and FIFA skills.

Fans all over the internet aren't very impressed with Hunter's in-game ratings as the overall stats were released by a gamer who apparently finished The Journey Returns on FIFA 18.

In case you didn’t know

The Journey was essentially a role-playing section in FIFA 17. It really emulated how a rising star would work his way up to the top. Player's had to train Hunter and satisfy the in-game missions to progress through the game. Once the Journey was completed, the player got to keep the Hunter player card as a reward. In last year's edition of FIFA, Hunter had a mediocre player card. He didn't really excel at any particular stat. In a nutshell, he was a decent all-rounder.

The heart of the matter

Alex Hunter - Detailed Stats
Alex Hunter - Detailed Stats

This year, fans hoped Hunter would get a good card considering all the hype surrounding The Journey Returns. But, alas, they were disappointed. He's been given a very average rating. Hunter has got decent pace but everything else is pretty mediocre. No particular rating stands out. Hunter has the following key attributes - Pace (79), Shooting (78), Passing (70), Dribbling (76), Defending (50), Physical (73).

If the above ratings are analyzed, it can be seen that Hunter has a very low Defending rating. However, his Physical is pretty good and he should be able to win challenges thrown from defenders.

Most fans aren't impressed with his ratings. It is better than last year but not very impressive. Player's were also complaining about the fact that Hunter has been given only 3-star skill moves. This is particularly harsh as most people feel he deserved at least 4-star skill moves.

What’s next?

For those who didn't use the EA Early Access to play FIFA 18, 29th September definitely looks to be a very exciting day. It's when FIFA 18 releases all over the world officially.

Author’s take

It does seem that FIFA has been stingy with Hunter's overall rating. He deserves a minimum overall rating of 80 with at least 4-star skills...

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