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FIFA 18: EA Sports reveal first official gameplay footage

Could this be the start of many more?

News 14 Aug 2017, 13:00 IST

Game releases on 29.09.2017
The game releases on 29.09.2017

What's the story?

This could be the moment that all gaming fans have been eagerly waiting for. In their string of reveal videos that EA Sports have really stepped up as of late, this could be arguably the most important.

In a Facebook video, EA Sports FIFA has revealed a new update for Major League Soccer (MLS) with an aim to garner publicity for the game in the United States. This move, however, has more than just a bit of MLS action. The video features actual footage from the game, something that has been missing from earlier reveal videos by the company. It might not be much and even not what was intended, but it gives some valuable insight into what might be expected come end September.

In case you didn't know...

FIFA 18 videos are all over social media with promotions in full swing for the impending release. The MLS will be a major part of the game this year with new stadiums as well as players being added to make the American league look like a really big deal.

The heart of the matter

They are calling this latest reveal a "New Broadcast Package" meant specifically for the MLS. The video begins with a commentary featuring the familiar voices of Martin Tyler and Alan Smith with a game between Toronto FC and LA Galaxy about to start. Both the MLS clubs have their starting lineups ready and then the fun begins.

A sneak peek into the FIFA gameplay graces fans around the world as the video features a cross from the far side which is volleyed into the top corner by an LA Galaxy player. That pretty much ends the sequence but in a very short space of time, the video tells a very strong story. A strategically placed quote from Martin Tyler about the game growing in America tells us exactly who the target market is via this particular reveal.

What's next?

FIFA 18 releases across major platforms such as PC, PS 4, Xbox One and even a version for Nintendo Switch on 29th September 2017 with promotions underway for the big release.

Author's take

This little piece of footage may have had all that we needed when it comes to knowing what the game will actually appear to be when we get our hands on it. Though there has been leaked footage of the gameplay in FIFA 18, this is the first consolidated effort from EA to actually make the game's appearance visible to their enormous fan base.

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