FIFA 18: New feature in Career Mode could let you negotiate transfers in person

Enter captiThe Career Mode in FIFA 18 is going to get fans all excited
The Career Mode in FIFA 18 is going to get fans all excited

What’s the story?

The FIFA series has always outperformed in terms of popularity as far as the Career Mode is concerned, given the hype around it but there have been a few instances where fans have felt that it isn’t good enough, especially given the long wish lists of improvement on forums. However, the leaked footage from FIFA 18’s Career Mode reveals that there is more this time than what meets the eye and the fans may finally be satisfied with what is to come.

The context

The possibility is strong that the current edition of FIFA 18 will have the best edition of the Career Mode yet. Despite no official comments from the EA, the leaked footage discloses a new feature in the upcoming version that is sure to only increase its demand.

Heart of the matter

One of the new additions to the Mode in the new edition is the ability to add cut-scenes. This would allow the player’s avatar to discuss and negotiate contracts and transfers in person. The cut-scenes will also enhance the game further by adding more material when a player signs for a new club.

The EA’s silence on what to expect from he Mode hasn’t dampened fan speculations around the same. A tweet by one of the users shows a meeting between the player’s manager and a representative from AC Milan to negotiate upon Jordan Henderson’s transfer. The tweet further touches upon a discussion about the transfer fee and the sell on clauses, which seem to be a few of the options amongst others that a player can use. This would be the first time FIFA has rolled out something like this.

A different tweet by @FromTStands discloses a player and Nemanja Matic and his agent negotiating their way into a new contract including a signing-on fee and an appearance bonus, all in person.

Cut-scenes are not a new phenomenon in the football gaming world with Pro Evolution Soccer, who happen to be FIFA’s major competition in the arena, having had cut-scenes for signing players for a few years now. With this new feature though, FIFA 18 would be the first and the only football game that would enable players to discuss and negotiate contracts in person.

What’s next?

With all of these tweets in circulation and EA’s possible silence on the same, the anticipation amongst fans only seems to increase as they wait with bated breath for the release of the Career Mode on the 29th of September. The Career Mode will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and simultaneously.

Author’s take

There is no doubt that with this new arrangement, FIFA promises to take the whole world of football gaming a notch up to a new level. How fans respond to this change, only time will tell.