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FIFA 18: EA reveals new celebrations and incredibly detailed features in latest trailer

This is sure to get your excitement increasing, with a little more than a month to go for it's official release.

News 22 Aug 2017, 11:56 IST

The latest trailer for FIFA 18 is finally here and it is absolutely sure to leave the fans mind blown.

Jam-packed with high-energy music, the trailer features none other than the poster man, Cristiano Ronaldo, who, quite literally, kick-starts the clip, along with cameos from a bunch of celebrated football players from around the world. This list includes the likes of Neymar, Muller, Alli, Griezmann, Pogba and many others.

EA Sports have put together this trailer ensuring that it unleashes the energy and excitement that comes with actually playing the game. Though it is short and extremely fast paced, literally switching scenes with just glimpses, it still keeps you in bated breath, waiting to watch what is going to happen and definitely increases your anticipation to have the game in hand.

We get a glance at Ronaldo and the trailer kicks off with the players in their best forms on the field, passing the ball around, steadily leading up to the man of the moment, striking a remarkable goal with the audience cheering on loudly on the side.

There have been mixed reactions from fans towards the trailer, while many have joined in the enthusiasm with resonates through this 1.29-minute long video, others have taken to Twitter asking if this time around EA has done something to make up for all that was missed in the previous editions.

There’s no doubt that EA has taken fan wish lists into consideration, given that FIFA 18 comes with innovative and life-like features, some of which may have never been done before in the history of gaming.

The only way to find out is to wait. FIFA 18 rolls out on the 29th of September.

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