FIFA 2018 World Cup edition confirmed for launch in March

The last edition of the game was in 2014

The last edition of the game was in 2014


What's the story?

In a recent interview in the Spanish radio program, Tiempo de Juego, the Spanish Marketing Director of EA Sports was asked if there would be a World Cup edition of FIFA 18 this time.

In the talk show, Manolo Lama, who is a Spanish radio sportscaster, said that he has to record new commentaries in December this year, for the game which will come out around March, next year.

In case you didn't know

EA Sports acquired the license from FIFA in 1997 to publish official FIFA World Cup video games prior to each tournament. Originally, US Gold had the license since 1986, but EA acquired it in 1997 and is still the current holder.

Consequently, EA has been making FIFA World Cup games ever since, some of which have not been received positively by the critics, but all the editions have still proved to be quite successful in the market, nonetheless.

The heart of the matter

FIFA video games have been one of the most celebrated games in the history of sport-based video games, and it breaks the market everytime a new FIFA game is launched. Something similar is taking place while you read this, as FIFA 18 is also set for its launch.

The next big thing after FIFA 18 will be the FIFA 18 World Cup edition, that is being planned to be launched sometime around March, next year.

It is going to be a blast as the fans of the video game series wait for the World Cup edition (which only releases once every four years) more enthusiastically, than they wait for the yearly edition of FIFA.

While the older versions of FIFA World Cup have almost become obsolete, the 2018 edition is guaranteed to make the fans stick to their screens. The FIFA 2018 World Cup edition, if carried out successfully, will have all the countries that take part in FIFA World Cups. The fact is worth celebrating, as all the fans get a chance to feel associated with the sport, when they get to choose their national teams in the 'kick-off' mode of the game.

What's next?

While the recently released FIFA 18 is going viral globally, due to its high-end graphics and gameplay, the World Cup edition that is set to come out next year is expected to be a level higher.

Author's take

I am convinced that I say this on behalf of all the FIFA fans, that we hope EA Sports bring out a top class, World Cup game like they did with the 2014 World Cup edition. It's going to be a slick addition to all the previous editions that are still embedded in the memory of the fans.

Edited by Shraishth Jain
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