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FIFA 19: All About the New Kick-Off Feature

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Property of FIFA 19 / EA Sports
Property of FIFA 19 / EA Sports

FIFA 19 - the biggest sports simulation game of 2018 is set to hit the stores on 28 September 2018. This year's iteration of the game promises a host of changes to the gameplay, which will drastically improve the overall experience. Along with changes to the gameplay, EA Sports put a fresh layer of paint on the traditional Kick-Off feature, and the redesigned menu combined with additional game modes will add an entirely new dimension to the game.

In addition to the classic Kick-Off (the traditional football match between two teams) that we are so used to seeing in the FIFA series, this year's iteration includes five additional matches for a much more immersive experience.

EA Sports finally secured the licenses of UEFA Champions League, Europa League and the Super Cup, bringing FIFA 19 one step closer to a perfect football simulation. The company behind the franchise is betting big on the inclusion of Champions League and wants to ensure that it is more than just an addition to the career mode. The Champions League is integrated into the Kick-Off mode, and one could set up customisable matches right from the group stages to the finals.

Home & Away is a two-legged match type where the overall winner is determined over the course of two games. Standard rules apply to determine the victor such as the counting of the aggregate score, or the away goals if the score is found to be equal. In case of a tie in the above-mentioned criterion, the match proceeds to extra-time and then to penalties to decide the winner. Additionally, a Best-Of Series is added, where one could play three-series or five-series matches to determine the winner.

One could play in a couple of real-life cup finals and guide their team to glory. These matches include official kits, crests, balls and authentic broadcast overlays for a more engaging experience.

The influx of House Rules is the most interesting aspect of the redesigned Kick-Off mode. This feature opens doors to endless possibilities as the entire match could be customised to one's liking. Play the match with all the traditional rules or play it without any.

The House Rules is subdivided into five categories. A random player is removed from the goal-scoring team in the Survival Mode, which leads to more dynamic matches as the goal is both rewarded and penalised. The No Rules mode does what it says, play the match without any fouls, bookings and offsides. The Headers and Volleys mode only counts goals scored either by a header or a volley. However, set-piece goals and converted penalties still count towards the final tally.

The Long Range mode takes incentivising goal scoring to the next level. Goals scored from within the box count as one while the goals scored from outside the box count as two in this mode. To make things more interesting, set your own win conditions with the brand-new First to... game mode.

Furthermore, FIFA 19 introduces cutting-edge stat tracking in the Kick-Off mode, which will improve your game and tweak your pre-game tactics. Sync it with an account and take your stats with you wherever you go. However, keep in mind that one cannot track stats across different consoles using the same account.

The reworked Kick-Off mode sounds fantastic and guarantees to provide endless hours of exciting gaming content, which should please both the casual fans and hardcore gamers.

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