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FIFA 19 - Different Modes Explained

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Image Courtesy: FIFA 19 / EA Sports
Image Courtesy: FIFA 19 / EA Sports

FIFA 19 is one of the biggest sports simulation games of the year, and it is slated to hit the stores on 28 September 2018 for PS4, XBox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. EA Sports also announced that the game would be released for the older-generation consoles with limited features and named it as FIFA 19: Legacy Edition.

The company promised that this year's FIFA would be radically different from the previous iterations and would include tonnes of new features and game modes, ultimately improving the overall gameplay experience, and in this article let us shed some light on all the popular game modes available in FIFA 19.

Redesigned Kick-Off Mode

The familiar kick-off mode gets a fresh coat of paint, which brings in loads of new features to the game. For the first time, one could play the entire Champions League campaign right from the group stages to the grand final.

Furthermore, EA Sports has included a host of features into the Kick-Off mode, which includes new match types feature home and away legs along with best-of matches. However, the addition of House Rules is probably the most exciting inclusion of the Kick-Off mode. In this mode, one could set their own rules or play with no rules at all. A brand-new survival mode has been added to the Kick-Off mode that rewards and penalizes the player for scoring a goal.

The Journey revolves around the LaLiga

The Journey is a single player campaign mode that made its debut in FIFA 17 with the English footballer Alex Hunter as the protagonist.

EA Sports has teased earlier this year that Alex Hunter would move to Spain to ply his trade for Real Madrid. The influx of new LaLiga stadiums in FIFA 19 adds more dynamic to the Journey. With the introduction of the Champions League, this year's Journey mode will likely revolve around the Englishman's quest for Champions League glory.


FIFA Ultimate Team gets an overhaul

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is the most popular game mode in the long-standing FIFA franchise due to its ability to build a team right from scratch. Players have a host of options to chose from, and could compete in a variety of online and offline challenges to build their Ultimate Team. Furthermore, this game mode also includes a transfer market that allows you to trade players for FIFA Coins.

This year's release will feature a brand-new Division RIvals mode in which players could face-off with opponents of similar skill levels and earn exciting rewards. Moreover, FIFA Icons make a comeback to this year's version of the game and has some exciting inclusions such as Steven Gerrard, Raul and Johan Cruyff.

One could manage their teams from the FUT Web App and the Companion App, which is available on iOS and Android.

Familiar Career Mode

In the career mode, one could play as a footballer or could lead the team as a manager. In the player career mode, one could create a player and make him a world star or get into the shoes of a well-established player and guide the club to glory.

One takes complete control of the team in the manager mode, which one of the most popular single-player game modes in the FIFA franchise. The player has full control over transfers, squads and gameplay tactics in this game mode.

Expect a full Champions League experience in both the game modes. There have been very little announcements regarding the career mode, stating that it would retain most of the dynamics of the previous iterations, which is not a bad thing at all. Additionally, there have been reports stating that this year's career mode could include new graphics that feature Champions League and Europa League draws.

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