FIFA Mobile 2018: Things You Should Know

Property of FIFA Mobile / EA Sports
Property of FIFA Mobile / EA Sports

FIFA Mobile is the mobile version of the ever-popular FIFA game, which was launched in October 2016 for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. The game has come a long way since its launch, and the latest iteration of the game is only available on iOS and Android platforms. The free-to-download game includes a host of features that not only keep the gamer engaged but also improve the overall feel of the game so that it mimics real-life fluid football.

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EA Sports claims that this version of the game is specifically designed for the mobile and we couldn't agree more as the installer of the 10.5.01 version of the game is only 51 MB. Moreover, the game has received a massive overhaul in the recent past, which promises to bring in updated and fresh content along with real-season updates to the game.

FIFA Mobile too features the Ultimate Team mode where gamers could build their dream team from scratch, and with the new player training options introduced this year, one could improve a player (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Elite or Master) way past 100. Users could also improve the players' overall rating by using Skill Boosts, which in turn could be improved by spending Coins earned by completing various challenges.

Additionally, for the first time, the game will feature some of the best players of the past in the form of ICONS, which was traditionally associated with the console and PC versions of the FIFA franchise. Some of the icons include Ronaldinho, Rudd Gullit, Michael Owen and Alessandro Nesta.

FIFA Mobile will also see the influx of the campaign mode this year, which will feature chapters to test your gaming skills. The chapters include a host of scenarios that the player must conquer by completing the required objectives, and successful completion of chapter earns unique rewards. Furthermore, moving across different leagues to complete chapters ensures a more dynamic single-player experience.

The Leagues make a comeback with this iteration of the game. Gamers could join a multitude of international leagues to participate in different tournaments and climb their way onto the top, making FIFA Mobile a truly social experience.

Regarding the gameplay, the redesigned vs Attack mode features fluid player movement, improved passes along with a completely reworked shooting system, which now puts a larger emphasis on the players' attributes.

FIFA Mobile Season 2 brings in a multitude of changes to its core gameplay design along with a host of additional features, making it a great mobile game for both casual and experienced gamers alike.

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