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FIFA Mobile: What Is The All New Campaign?  

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EA Sports released the game in 2016 and is creating waves in the mobile gaming industry since then

FIFA Mobile is the portable version of the popular FIFA franchise that one could play on their mobile phones if they are running a version of iOS or Android. EA Sports released the game in 2016 and is creating waves in the mobile gaming industry since then.

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The game received a massive upgrade last year, which brought a host of changes to the gameplay design and introduced loads of new features along with a couple of new game modes. One of the most celebrated game modes in FIFA Mobile Season 2 is the campaign mode, where one could compete in a set of challenges to earn skill points and FIFA Coins, which could ultimately be used to improve your squad.

The campaign is an assorted collection of various single-player challenges that the player must finish to earn exciting rewards.

Each campaign is divided into multiple chapters, which in turn has multiple challenges that you need to complete to finish the single-player campaign mode. Like any game, the chapters increase in difficulty as one progress, and the increased difficulty is duly rewarded with better rewards.

Finishing the final chapter also earns a bonus card, which includes a player card with high overall.

These challenges put the player in the shoes of a team with an objective, which could range from scoring a goal, finishing a penalty shootout or even winning a match from the jaws of defeat.

The company behind the game has included tonnes of scenarios, which ensures that the campaign mode does not become repetitive as the game progress, unlike many other games.


Furthermore, with the way the game is structured, one could spend months before finishing the entire campaign mode.

The campaigns feature chapters from leagues in the different parts of the world including the Premier Leauge, LaLiga, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 along with a host of other leagues in Europe, North America, South America and the rest of the world.

All the leagues are unlocked fairly early in the game, which again goes a long way in improving the user choice and customisability.

Additionally, the campaign mode includes a skill training mode where the user must complete a set of challenges to boost your player's skill.

With the introduction of the campaign mode, EA Sports brings in fresh content to FIFA Mobile that provides a more engaging experience to both casual players and seasoned professionals alike.

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