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Final Fantasy XV less than halfway from completion

Final Fantasy XV to release soon

News 22 Feb 2015, 16:37 IST
Final Fantasy XV Gameplay

Fans of gaming franchise Final Fantasy will have something to rejoice about after the game’s developer Square Enix revealed that the much awaited Final Fantasy XV is over 60 percent complete.

The breaker of the news was Square Enix’s video game director Hajime Tabata, who stated that Final Fantasy XV’s development was over 60 percent done and rapid progress was being made on the game’s systems.

The Japanese developer also said that he hope the development would progress to about 80 percent as soon as possible. Inspite of his optimisim Square Enix are still holding out on revealing a definite release date as they think an announcement at this stage would be premature. So for now the game’s release date is still up in the air.

Final Fantasy XV has got to be one of the most delayed releases, with the games initial announcement coming way back in 2006 and originally intended for release on the then newly launched PS3. 

Final Fantasy XV, previously known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, will now be released for the PS4 and X Box One, which is sure to please the franchise’s die hard fans who have impatiently waited for the game’s release for close to a decade.

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