Five crazy things you can do in GTA V


The gaming world has been buzzing since the release of GTA V. People, right, left and center, are going crazy to get their hands on a copy of the game. GTA V is the biggest game yet and Rockstar have made sure that it feels like it.

No matter how big, a GTA game is incomplete without its share of crazy. And thankfully, there is plenty of crazy that you can do in the game. We have compiled a list of glaring crazies that will blow your mind away.

The Grenade Fetch

Credit: GTA V

Dog is a man’s best friend. This saying has certainly come to life in GTA V. While playing as Franklin, one of the three playable characters in the game, you are provided with a companion in the form of Chop, a ferocious yet friendly dog.

What’s more entertaining is that you can use Chop as a weapon. You can train him to chase people around and sniff out collectibles.

However, the craziest thing about having a dog is that you can switch from a ball to a grenade while playing fetch and Chop won’t notice it. Now, this could either injure him or kill him or can be used as a valuable weapon, when he can simply drop the bomb in the enemy area, saving you the danger and hassle of doing the job yourself.

Dog, as a weapon, crazy!

Liquor store’s money is our money

Liquor GTA V

Credit: GTA V

We have played games where one can rob a bank, however, not many, if any, of those allow you to rob a liquor store. That’s right! The place where you shop on a daily basis can now be robbed by you.

You can form a gang and barge into the store and ask the cashiers to empty their counters. Seems simple? It is not.

While you are robbing the store, the cashier triggers an alarm, which alerts the cops and they begin hunting for you. A perfect cat and mouse chase, it turns into.

And the fun does not end there. After you have averted the cops, you have the all important decision to make. Which is, do you want to divide the cash amongst the gang as decided, or do you want to be selfish and keep all of it for yourself. Off course, in case of the latter, you will have to eliminate your gang members.

You know you want to keep all of it, right?

Care for a Tennis match, or Golf?

GTA V Tennis

Credit: GTA V

If you are a fan of sports games, go ahead and buy GTA V. Hold on, that does not seem right, except, it is.

For the first time ever, you can play proper Tennis and Golf matches within the game. Just collect a bunch of your friends and take them to the nearest Golf course or Tennis court.

Make no mistake, these are no fillers. These are proper matches and are provided within the game in case you are tired of all the action.

You can simply enjoy this one.

Certainly, a great way to pass time before you return to your hysterical ways and decide to put a bullet through your friend’s head (virtual one, off course!).

Let’s go for a movie

GTA V Cinema

Credit: GTA V

Are you bored?

Want to watch a movie?

Why don’t you call your friend and arrange a meeting at the local cinema?

No, this is not a suggestion. This is one of the activities that you can perform in the game.

You can choose from a very limited variety of short films that you can watch inside the theatre. The genres of these movies vary from thrillers to drama to comedy to horror. Funnily though, all of them are spoofs of already existing movies.

And well, if you do not like a movie, you can always plant a bomb inside the cinema hall. Just saying.

Was that a Coyote?

GTA V Animals

Credit: GTA V

GTA V has animals!

One could not have sugar coated the excitement that comes with it. The world, the virtual one, is big enough to include both humans and animals.

Imagine a drive in the countryside and suddenly, out of nowhere, a deer runs in front of your car. Yes, GTA V has various kinds of wild animals. Some, who can be hunted, and others, who are eager to hunt you.

Bears, chickens, cougars, coyotes, deer, dogs, fish, hawks, horses, monkeys, rats, seagulls, sharks and wild boars complete Rockstar’s animal line-up for GTA V.

You can come face to face with them while exploring the map as they are more likely to be found in their natural habitat, especially when you are on the outskirts of the city.

You can go on hunting trips and enter hunting competitions as well. Oh, and by the way, you have an equal chance of getting killed while you are on one of these trips.

Happy hunting!

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