Fortnite: 5 streamers who got owned by Ninja on live streams

Image Credits: Essentially Sports

Who doesn’t love it when their favourite streamers go on a rampage and own every other talented personality out there on the server?

Streamers danking on streamers in some popular titles like Fortnite, Call of Duty, PUBG and Valorant are some of the most fun highlight clips to watch.

Not only do these moments show the fanbase the incredible amount of talent that these online personalities possess, but they also give us a glimpse of how intense high-level plays can be.

In Fortnite, Ninja has innumerable moments when he went ‘ham’ on another streaming personality. His in-game prowess in Fortnite is just incredible, and he has often gotten the edge over players like Dr. Lupo, Tfue and even Dr. Disrespect.

Fortnite: Ninja danking on other streamers


The above video compilation by Fortnite Fantasy shows Ninja just demolishing other streamers.

Here are five of the best instances from the video in which Ninja completely owned his counterparts in live streams.

1. Dr. Lupo (Time Stamp: 0:18)

Image Credits: Essentially Sports
Image Credits: Essentially Sports

The first clip in the video shows Ninja going head to head with Dr. Lupo in an intense battle that eventually saw the former coming out on top.

Dr. Lupo is one of the best Fortnite players out there. In the clip, we can see that he did not make the victory easy for Ninja and was able to get his opponent’s HP quite low.

2. Tfue (Time Stamp: 1:43)

Image Credits: Essentially Sports

The ‘Tfue vs. Ninja’ battles in Fortnite are some of the best content in the game. In this video, we see Ninja constantly pressuring the Faze clan streamer and then forcing him to kill himself by failing the landing.

3. Dr. Disrespect (Time Stamp: 2.22)

Image Credits: Essentially Sports

The Ninja and Dr. Disrespect rivalry is an age-old one. It often rubs either of the streamers in the wrong way when one of them gets the edge over the other in a Fortnite server.

Dr. Disrespect is a prolific talent when it comes to online shooter games. Much like Ninja, he has an outspoken personality which often lacks a filter, thereby leading to heated arguments between the two.

4. Dellor (Time Stamp: 6.35)

Image Credits: Essentially Sports

In this aerial battle of wits, we see some incredibly high levels of play from both Ninja and Dellor.

Though Ninja came out on top in the end, the victory was hard-fought.

5. SypherPK (Time Stamp: 8.35)

Image Credits: Essentially Sports

When not playing on the same team, Ninja and SypherPK often go all out in head-to-head encounters in Fortnite. And though they’re equally matched, it would seem that Ninja comes out on top quite easily in the clip as he displays some insane mechanical skills.

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