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Fortnite Battle Royale releases Heavy Sniper Rifle

162   //    13 Aug 2018, 01:15 IST

Heavy Sniper!

Finally, it’s time to witness the much-awaited heavy sniper rifle in fortnite battle royale! The heavy sniper rifle will be useful in taking down enemy buildings easily.

While other rifles are made with accuracy in mind, this more powerful sniper will quickly take down any cover and allow for a direct shot on the enemy. You read that right! This heavy sniper can take down walls or any structures made of any material with one shot.

The heavy sniper rifle deals 157 damage and is no joke. The fire rate, magazine size of one, and lengthy reload time help to balance the gun so it doesn't spoil the game.

By looking at these stats, it’s obvious that the heavy sniper rifle’s purpose is to take down cover, swap guns and blast the enemy back to the lobby.

With that said, for those players who boast incredible accuracy with sniper rifles, this heavy variant will grant one-hit kills against most players because 157 damage is a lot and most players don't have enough shield and health.

According to data miners, most probably the next Fortnite Battle Royale update will add the heavy sniper rifle to the game. This power machine can be seen tearing down a big tree in just 2 shots. That's just how much damage the heavy sniper can deal in the game.

The reload time according to the leaks is 4.1 seconds which seems a bit too long but is fair considering the damage it can deal. The heavy sniper comes only in the legendary and epic rarity.

Now the question that every fortnite battle royale player has in mind is, can this gun shoot through walls, but that question is unanswered till now and we'll have to wait till the patch comes out! Stay tuned for more updates on the heavy sniper rifle and more news related to fortnite!

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