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Fortnite: Epic Games gearing up to sue clickbait content creators

Fortnite is cracking down on clickbait content (Image Credits: Joyenergizer)
Fortnite is cracking down on clickbait content (Image Credits: Joyenergizer)
Modified 28 Jun 2020, 17:16 IST

Fortnite has been tremendously successful for quite some time now. Especially with the commencement of Fortnite Season 3, Epic's magnum opus has seen a substantial incline in the number of new players - Thanks to their great 'water' refresh which features partially submerged Fortnite map to stir things up a bit, along with a horde of in-game events and shows that push the game beyond the traditional 'Battle Royale' label.

Naturally, given the game's success, Fortnite has amassed a colossal audience who notably enjoy content linked to the game. This in-turn allowed Epic Games to come up with a program termed 'Support-A-Creator'. 

In a nutshell, Content creators were assigned a code, depending on how many 'players' use the said code, the creators would then be eligible for a payout from Epic Games. 

Epic Games will now sue click-bait Fortnite Youtubers and content creators.

For quite some time now, numerous Youtubers and Fortnite streamers have seemingly been exploiting the program by making false promises to young impressionable kids, and tricking them into using their code. 

Here is an example of content the 'type' of content that Epic doesn't want to be associated with.

WATCH: ChillNikov explains how Fortnite Scams work.


While a majority of the Fortnite community knows the difference between clickbait and real, there are still many who fall prey to Fortnite scams that are designed with the only purpose of getting people to click on the video and then act in a certain way. (mostly involves using their SAC or subscribing to their channel)

Support-A-Creator codes disabled, streamers can no longer 'give' free vbucks to people for using their code.

In their blog post addressing the 'SAC' scams, Epic Games mentioned disabling creator codes for the forseeable future. When the program returns, content creators will have to link their personal social media to their Epic accounts in order to be eligible for the payouts.

Towards the end of their post, Epic explained their intent behind cracking down on these scams, which is to create an environment where legitimate content is rewarded and the fake one's are pushed out of the Fortnite ecosystem.

Published 27 Jun 2020, 12:04 IST
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