Fortnite: Epic releases Unvaulted LTM; SypherPK, Ali-A and Muselk react

The popular Unvault LTM Mode is back!
The popular Unvault LTM Mode is back!

Epic Games has decided to 'unvault' its weapons in the latest Unvault LTM Mode in Fortnite, which has been a hit with fans ever since its inception in 2018.

In this particular game mode, players can use weapons that were previously vaulted (removed) from the normal game.

A refreshing and welcome change to Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3, which has been praised by the gaming community, let's take a look at how some of our favourite Fortnite streamers reacted to this development.

SypherPK reacts

Soon after the LTM dropped, Sypher PK released a video on the same. In a nostalgic trip, we found Sypher PK reacting with his trademark 'Bro' several times on discovering Fortnite gems like the Boogie Bomb and Slurp Juice. His expressions were priceless, to say the least.

Sypher PK was all praise for the 'incredible new mode launched by Epic, as iconic weapons from previous Fortnite seasons were at his disposal'again.

At one point of the video, he excitedly exclaims in joy:

This is incredible man....I'm literally about to tear up ! This LTM can't go away man...I'm playing this all day!

He was in complete awe of Fortnite's return to good ol' simplicity and felt that the current LTM is the 'greatest'.

Take a look at Sypher PK's reaction to the Unvaulted LTM, in the video below. Original post on YouTube by SypherPK.


Ali-A reacts

With 17.2 millions YouTube subscribers (and counting) Ali-A is only second to Ninja in terms of his popular Fortnite streams, which have amassed faithful viewership over the years.

Like Sypher PK, he too reacted to the Unvaulted LTM, which he deemed as a major save on Epic's part. From 'Legendary' Quad Launchers to OG Green traps, Port-a-Forts to Bushes, Ali-A pretty much flipped over each and every unvaulted weapon.

Take a look at Ali-A's reaction to the Unvaulted mode in the video below. Original post by Ali-A on YouTube.


Muselk reacts

Elliott 'Muselk' Watkins also released a video of himself trying out the variety of unvaulted weapons in a game of Fortnite.

From ecstatically reacting to discovering a Boom Box early on to deeming them 'pretty useless' soon after, Muselk's video is a fast-paced nostalgia trip replete with his trademark humour.

His final takeaway?

We love balloons. Give us balloons back...I really want balloons back man!
The Fortnite Balloons
The Fortnite Balloons

Take a look at Muselk's fanboy moment in the latest Unvaulted reveal. Original post by Muselk on YouTube.


Fortnite Unvaulted Weapons

From Tactical SMGs to Tactical ARs, Quad Launchers to Boom Bows and even Storm flips to Rift-to-Gos, the variety of Fortnite weapons included is huge and unique.

Epic's latest mode surely seems to be a winner as the latest unvaulted event is definitely a trip down memory lane and a welcome treat for avid members of the Fortnite community.

Some of the unvaulted weapons available in Unvaulted LTM Mode
Some of the unvaulted weapons available in Unvaulted LTM Mode

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