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Fortnite's greatest threat is not Midas or Galactus, it's the Primal Shotgun

Raptor vs. Raptor: Who would win? (Image Credits: She-hulk on Twitter)
Raptor vs. Raptor: Who would win? (Image Credits: She-hulk on Twitter)
Modified 02 Apr 2021

Fortnite has had a long history of making controversial changes to their shotgun roster almost every new season.

Without a doubt, a large portion of the community will trade most of the shotguns this season to get back the beloved "Pump Shotgun."

Unfortunately for them, Fortnite Season 6's Primal Shotgun has been labeled by many as game-breaking.

The primal weapon makes up for its less-than-intimidating name with its ability to destroy opponents. Available in common-to-mythic rarity, the item shoots fast-paced shells that can annihilate opponents and functions similar to the Drum Shotgun.

A casual’s dream becomes a competitive players’ nightmare

While most casual communities had little-to-no woes about the primal shotgun, the competitive community, on the other hand, blew their collective gasket.

Fortnite pro Sway called the gun "unskillful" in a not-so-family-friendly tweet. It was likely posted after he was on the receiving end of the weapon's wrath.

Sway was not the only prominent pro player to complain about the shotgun being overpowered. Fortnite pro Benjyfishy described dying from a primal shotgun as "the worst feeling in Fortnite."


Fortnite developers say the primal shotgun was nerfed, but the community doubts it

Shortly after the massive outrage and thousands of tweets, developers decided to nerf the shotgun to a reasonable extent. The nerf was received positively by players across the board. However, it wasn’t long until the players figured out that the ‘nerf’ had little-to-no effect on the weapon's fire rate or damage caused.

WATCH: The Primal Shotgun in Fortnite Season 6 is still broken


Based on how the community has reacted to over-powered items, it is apparent that Epic Games will nerf the shotgun to ensure that it causes damage within reasonable limits. It would mean to stop the gun from functioning like an SMG.

Another change being sought by the Fortnite competitive community is for the weapons to be removed from competitive playlists, namely Arena Solo and Duos.

At the time of writing this article, there was no official confirmation from Epic Games regarding its removal of the gun from the competitive scene.

Published 02 Apr 2021, 19:46 IST
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