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Fortnite: How to get better in the game

(Image Credit: Epic Games)
(Image Credit: Epic Games)
Modified 23 Jun 2020, 20:41 IST

Before delving into the topic of how to play better in Fortnite, I’d like to say that these strategies are applicable to almost any game like Fortnite and Call of Duty. I've learned the tips mentioned below by playing other games. These have helped me and can absolutely help you get better while playing Fortnite.

How you can improve your Fortnite game-play:

#1: The first step in winning is losing

No one has ever started a game and become a champion in an hour. If the fear of failure stops you from doing something then you will never get better at it. And why should it? The reward for winning a game of Fortnite under normal conditions is another game of Fortnite. And the reward for losing? Another game of Fortnite. Once you’ve racked up a few losses, you should make an effort to do the following steps:

#2: Review your losses

Under most situations in Fortnite, losing can be explained by one simple fact: your opponent played better than you. It is hard to admit, but it’s the truth more often than not.

When you lose a game, load up the replay and watch what happened. Maybe you made a mistake and ended up locked in a box. Maybe you found yourself fighting over a wall when you should have just edited your way out the back. Maybe you pushed a fight from a bad position. Maybe taking too much damage in a previous fight led to you not having the health pool needed for a third party.

Whatever the reason, you need to figure out what you did, what your opponent did, and what other options you should have considered. Refusing to watch and analyse your losses only benefits your opponents.


#3: Do your homework

Learning all the correct actions to take might get you far in Fortnite, but information becomes the most valuable tool at your disposal once you get to a higher level of play, whether in Fortnite or anywhere else.

You should know where to find treasure chests and where to farm each resource based on where you decide to drop in. You should know when to use an assault rifle or a submachine gun.

And perhaps most importantly, you should know how and what to build. If you only build towers, it won’t matter how fast you build them because fighting them will be the same every time. Learn how to build and edit as fast as you can, learn different patterns and when to use each pattern, and learn how to break those patterns too.

You can practice all of this offline or in creative mode, and a few hours of training can give you hundreds of different ideas.

Published 19 Jun 2020, 01:40 IST
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