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Fortnite: 'Midas' and 'Travis Scott' become the most-searched Google terms in the last 12 months

Midas from Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 (Image Credits: Sketchfab)
Midas from Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 (Image Credits: Sketchfab)
Modified 03 Oct 2020, 17:12 IST

In Greek mythology, Midas was an infamous king who was well-known for his ability — The Golden Touch. If you’re familiar with the popular 100-man online battle royale game, Fortnite, you’ll know that the tier 100 skin from Chapter 2 Season 2 was also known as Midas.

The 2020 avatar of the Greek King in Fortnite may not exactly be accurate, both historically and lore-wise, but he quickly became one of the community’s most beloved characters.

One of the few things that were seemingly taken from Greek mythology and transferred to Fortnite was Midas’ Golden Touch. On the mystical battle royale island, every weapon he touched turned to gold.

In typical Fortnite fashion, Midas even had a skin variant that players could unlock upon reaching level 128 in-game. The robust character design, along with resplendent golden color, was something the entire community quickly fell in love with.

As a result, during Chapter 2 Season 2, it became a common occurrence to find entire lobbies of people using Midas’ skin.

Additionally, YouTubers and Fortnite content creators were quick to cash in on the trend, producing lore and other story videos that would often involve Midas and his faction, infamously known as Ghost.

Astronomical ft Travis Scott — The Fortnite event that blew everything else out of the water

Screenshots from the Astronomical event in Fortnite (Image Credits: Pintrest)
Screenshots from the Astronomical event in Fortnite (Image Credits: Pintrest)

Another query related to Fortnite that dominated the charts was Astronomical, an event featuring popular American singer Travis Scott and Cactus Jack. Although Fortnite has had its fair share of in-game events, the surreal experience that Astronomical gave its players was considered ground-breaking.


The event was viewed live by nearly 27 million players worldwide for five total shows, breaking all previous records in the game. If that wasn’t enough, the Travis Scott event was among the most-searched terms, according to Google Trends, which dominated the charts days before the event.

Sitting only a few spots under ‘Midas Fortnite,’ ‘Fortnite Travis Scott event’ dominated Google search across various regions in the world. Ever since, the game has seen many events, and even the introduction of a game mode meant to celebrate and host events like Astronomical.

'Midas' and 'Travis Scott event' were the most searched Fortnite-related queries on the internet (Image Credits: Google)

Note: 'Breakout' indicates a search term grew by more than 5000%.

Given the massive hit these in-game events tend to be, Fortnite players can undoubtedly expect more virtual concerts and shows to come their way soon.

Published 03 Oct 2020, 17:12 IST
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