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Fortnite News: What's new In Season 7

Gautam Nath
189   //    06 Dec 2018, 19:50 IST

Fortnite Season 7 is now available
Fortnite Season 7 is now available

Season 7 of Fortnite is now live and Epic Games has brought some changes as well as some new challenges. There is a new Battle Pass that can be purchased which also unlocks some brand new cosmetics. Battle Pass can be leveled up by getting Battle Stars.

Battle Stars can be obtained for free in Week 1 of Season 7. Additionally, if you purchased the Battle pass you get additional quests to get Battle Stars. The free challenges such as dancing in forbidden locations unlock items of different rarities. The current list of Battle Star quests are given below.


  • Pick up an item of each rarity (5) - 5 Battle Stars
  • Dance in different forbidden location (7) - 5 Battle Stars
  • Play matches with at least one elimination (5) - 10 Battle Stars

Battle Pass

  • Stage 1: Dance on top of a crown of RVs (1) --5 Battle Stars
  • Deal headshot damage to opponents (500) - 5 Battle Star
  • Stage 1: Search ammo boxes in a single match (5) - 10 Battle Stars
  • Eliminate opponents in different named locations (5) - 10 Battle Stars

Other than the Battle Pass, terrains and the theme of the Season 7 is based on Winter, with maps and locations now having snowy terrain. New locations such as Frosty Flights and Expedition outposts have been added.

Purchasing the Battle Pass will instantly give you the Zenith and Lynx Outfits. A new cosmetic item type called Wraps have been added, which allows the player to customize their weapons and vehicles. Battle Pass Owners can also get early access in Creative Mode, where players can build a map and customize the island, drops and much more.

Fornite Season 7 has been extended by two weeks according to Epic Games and the season will end on 28 February 2019.