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Fortnite on iOS: What's on offer?

182   //    10 Aug 2018, 00:37 IST

Apple users can enjoy the game on their mobile devices much before the android users

Yep! We got that right boys, fortnite is on ios! Apple users can enjoy fortnite on their mobile devices much before the android users can as much as get a release date on when the game will be available for them.

But as all good sides have a bad side, Fortnite's battle royale is only available in the following ios devices:

  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 7 / 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8 / 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPad Mini 4
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad 2017
  • iPad Pro

Also, the device needs to be updated to ios 11 or above for the game to be played. All the other ios devices, unfortunately, can't have access to the game at this point in time but the future release hasn't been announced yet by epic games.

In March of 2018, epic games announced the release of fortnite battle royale for ios devices and promised that the game is going to be the exact same as the PC, Mac, Play Station, Xbox and Nintendo Switch platforms.

As promised Epic games delivered fortnite Battle Royale just as they envisioned and also allowed the players to play cross-platform with PC, Play station, Mac, Xbox and Nintendo Switch flawlessly unlike any other Battle Royale game available for mobile devices.

So what we can find in fortnite battle royale for ios is;

• Exact same gameplay as all other platforms.

• Regular updates for the game, parallel to all other platforms.


• Same map and game elements.

This to any tech geek is mindblowing. The amount of work put into making a game that is available free to play is literally heart-stopping! The coding and server maintenance required to keep this game glitch free and user-friendly across all platforms are just mind boggling and hats off to epic for doing such a great job!

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Fortnite Battle Royale for ios has helped epic games with a revenue of $ 100 million till date and counting.

This places Fortnite as the second most profitable app in apple's ios store followed by Clash royale, which I'm sure is only for a short period of time.

The purchases made in fortnite battle royale doesn't unlock any new levels of the game or give any game-changing items. All purchases made in the game are for cosmetic purposes only. Users can buy skins, dances, harvest tools and gliders where as all of these items are inconsequential to the gameplay. All these cosmetics makes the character look cool and does not boost the character traits by any amount, keeping the game balanced.

Players can use the same fortnite account on multiple platforms making many people who play fortnite battle royale on their pc, mac, ps4 etc., download on their ios devices if they have it.

This lets them play the game when they commute or when their main device isn't available to play at the moment. Completing challenges on one platform makes it permanent for the account, hence when we play it on a different platform with the same account we needn't complete it more than once.

This tiny miniaturized version of Fortnite Battle Royale for ios is surprisingly enjoyable just like all other platforms.

Here are a few tips for a better experience:

• Never forget to build. When circumstances require it, many players just forget to build and start shooting in a haphazard manner, which is not a sure way to win the fight. Building a few ramps and walls will give you the advantage over the other enemies and shooting them becomes much easier from up top.

• Follow the visual hearing aid. Fortnite for mobile has given players an option for the Visual hearing mode. This helps the players to see if there are any enemies moving nearby or if there are any unopened chests in the vicinity or if anyone is shooting closeby. The players can see a mark on top of the screen with either a yellow marker in the direction of the unopened chest or a pair of red shoes in the direction of the moving enemy player or a red blot in the map nearby where enemy players are dueling.

• Loot carefully when playing on mobile devices. Generally, players tend to loot with their guns out. This leads to the firing of the weapons by mistake sometimes when opening chests and boxes. This leads to nearby enemies knowing your location.

• Make use of the aim assist. Fortnite battle royale for ios has given the players an auto-aim assist mechanic which is very useful because using a touchscreen is not the same as using a mouse. So the crosshair automatically tends to lock on to the enemy player once the player has touched somewhere within the close vicinity of the character. This is very important for ios users and helps them in getting the kills easily.

• Don't jump into cross-platform. Cross-platform is a bit tricky for mobile devices because clearly, the other platform players will have an upper hand with all the buttons and aiming systems, making them more agile than a mobile player any day. But once we grasp enough gameplay time, we can go up against the other platforms and hope for the best.

combat controls
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Build controls.

The controls on the mobile devices are pretty simple though they are places very close to each other which might make the user cause a few mistakes rarely.

Above are the two different interfaces of the controls we can see in ios. This can be done by toggling between combat mode and build mode at the bottom middle right of the screen.

These controls will be easy to learn and quick to master as they are simple yet cover all the necessary actions in the game. I hope this has given you some idea about fortnite battle royale on ios. All the victory royales to you.

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