Fortnite Predator's cloaking device: Where to find and how to become invisible with it

The Predator has made it to the Fortnite island (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Predator has made it to the Fortnite island (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Predator came into Fortnite with the 15.21 update, with the Terminator and Sarah Connor following hot on its heels. The Predator's cloaking device is the only mythic item in Fortnite that can grant players invisibility.

Although Fortnite has had different camouflage methods until now, the cloaking device gives players total invisibility in-game.

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Becoming invisible with the Predator's cloaking device in Fortnite


To begin with, the Predator can be found in the POI known as Stealthy Stronghold. This is the place where his spaceship was initially found, and it's no surprise that this creature can be found here as well.

To acquire the cloaking device in Fortnite, players have to defeat the Predator in combat. Although he doesn't use ranged weapons, he does a lot of damage using the Yautja Wristblades.

The Predator is also a very beefy opponent and can go invisible. So defeating him is slightly challenging.

Once defeated, the NPC drops gold, some loot, and the cloaking device. Players can easily pick up the latter and use it just like any other weapon, which makes them completely invisible.

This item has a 30-second cooldown, and if gamers switch to a weapon or begin swimming, the cloaking device stops functioning and goes into it's stipulated 30-second cooldown.

Having the ability to become invisible is something that can almost guarantee a win if used properly. Not only can it help players get out of sticky situations, but it can also help them sneak past enemies without being noticed.

With the cloaking device activated, only the faint outline of the player can be seen. It is way better than the shadow stones as it leaves behind a purple contrail.

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