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Fortnite on PS4: A Quick Guide to Control Setups

  • We help you in choosing your controller setup.
Modified 01 Apr 2020, 17:29 IST

#2 Build Pro

Build Pro
Build Pro

Build pro is for those who like to gain good control over the fight and then eliminate the opponent from a better position. Sometimes just shooting the opponent isn't going to be enough, we need to make sure we have them under our control so we have an advantage over them by them being in our sights and us being invisible to them.

L2 - Equip Building Piece

L1 - Change Building Material

R1 - Rotate Building Piece

R2 - Place Building/Confirm

Up - Toggle map

Down - Chat

Left - Nil

Right - Nil


L analog stick - Move

L3 - Sprint

R analog stick - Aim

R3 - Repair

Trackpad - Management Menu

Triangle - Cycle Building Piece

Box - Interact

Circle - Edit Building/ Switch combat

X - Jump

Options - Game menu

These 2 setups are very helpful according to your gameplay. If you're someone who is very agile, likes to move a lot and build for dominance, then I would suggest you to go with the build pro controller set up. But if you're just good at aiming than most people, like to kill enemies where ever they are, then you need to use the combat pro controller set up.

I hope this has helped you to choose your controller set up. I wish you all the Victory royales!

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Published 07 Aug 2018, 02:22 IST
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