Fortnite's Best Players - 5 Fortnite Players Who Changed the Game Forever

Image Credits: Tfue / Faze Clan
Image Credits: Tfue / Faze Clan

From a game that was about building 'Fortresses' to the ultimate battleground of sweats; Fortnite has come a long way.

Fortnite has seen some of the best players in the gaming world join in on their journey.

Tfue, Ninja, FaZe Sway and many more professionals hopped into Fortnite and forever changed the game for the better. These individuals understood the mechanics better than others and found better and more improvised ways to play the game.

Right from the birth of "90's", a popular technique in Fortnite to gain height on your opponent to "Cone Jumps", it's all a result of steady grind and improvisation.

While Fortnite's best players did help the game evolve a ton, they also contributed to boosting the game's viewership. On that note, let us have a look at Fortnite's best 5 players.

Top 5 Fortnite players

5) TSM Myth

TSM Myth during his live stream (Image Credits: TSMShop/ Myth)
TSM Myth during his live stream (Image Credits: TSMShop/ Myth)

Myth is talked about on OG when the 'Best Fortnite players' topic comes up. It is not without good reason, though. The young TSM prodigy was one of the very first players to fully utilise the "Building" mechanic in order to defend himself.

This was during a time when most players could only build a single wall or stair in their defence. Meanwhile, Myth out there was the cranking 90's and building 1 by 1's, all while he was fighting against multiple opponents.

All this may not sound like a big deal now, but it must be kept in mind, this was during the initial days of Fortnite when players were just starting to figure out how the game works. Here is a clip of Myth that goes to prove why he is considered one of Fortnite's best players.


4) FaZe Mongraal


From flashy builds to razor-sharp precision, Mongraal made a brand name of himself by showcasing an entirely different style of game-play. No one thought the game could be played this way, but as he progressed, it became more and more obvious that Mongraal was easily one of the best Fortnite players to have ever existed.

Even if you do not know how good Mongraal is, we are sure you have heard of his infamous 'Controlla Playa' meme. Apart from his unique style of game-play, Mongraal is also known for having quite an entertaining stream.


3) Sypher PK

Sypher PK
Sypher PK

Every field has a visionary and if Fortnite were to pick one, tt would be this guy.

SypherPK has an amazing sense of the in-game mechanics which is one of the reasons why he has been able to rank high in the 'Players with most wins' list for quite some time now.


Not too long ago, when traps were a part of Fortnite, Sypher was known as the 'Trap King' for his ability to scheme up trap towers in an instant that would usually end up with the opponent being trolled.

Sypher has been also called the king of 'Exploits'. If there is a new exploit in Fortnite, you can certainly expect him to have found it in the first place.

2) Tfue

Tfue being interviewed during the Fortnite World Cup (Image Credits: Epic Games / Polygon)
Tfue being interviewed during the Fortnite World Cup (Image Credits: Epic Games / Polygon)

Tfue has a long history with Fortnite. Initially, Tfue was a part of the FaZe clan and had to call it quits after a controversy with the clan.

If you know Tfue, you know his content isn't exactly "Child-proof". But that does not change the fact that he has been one of the most sought after players in Fortnite, pretty much ever since the game has existed.

Right from 'Friday Fortnite' tournament to the on-going 'Champion Series' Cup, Tfue has been consistently placing high in almost every competitive tournament out there. His latest duo partner, who goes by the name 'Scoped', is a controller player.

The Tfue x Scoped has made quite a name for themselves by dominating every tournament they have participated in recently.

1) MrSavageM

Mr Savage tops the Fortnite's best players list.
Mr Savage tops the Fortnite's best players list.

The popular EU player, MrSavageM, hails from Norway and has been an absolute sensation in the Fortnite competitive scene. He is well-known for his mind-blowing 'Smoke Grenade' escape during the World Cup tournament.

Here is a clip of his absolute clutch.

Beware, what you are about to see is a 1000 IQ play.


Mr. Savage has been known for playing Fortnite on the highest possible sensitivity. He has also been well-known for collaborating with other players on the list, Mongraal being one.

Honourable Mentions

Ninja - Ninja made his journey from H1Z1 and other Battle Royale games before finally landing in Fortnite.

Bugha - Bugha won the first ever 'Fortnite World Cup'.

Shroud - While Shroud's Fortnite journey wasn't a long one, he was a well-respected figure in the community, known for having a notoriously good aim.

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