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Fortnite's next hunter is arriving from a 33-year-old game, and it's not a Marvel character

The next portal revealed
The next portal revealed
Rob Kalajian
Modified 19 Feb 2021

Thanks to a leak by @SizzyLeaks, the community has more insight about Fortnite's next hunter. Such leaks have proven reliable during the latest season. Hence, there is a good chance players will be seeing this character sometime by the weekend.

Fortnite's latest hunter confirmed in a new leak.

If the above image looks familiar to Fortnite players, it's because it is from a top-rated video game series that just turned 33-years-old. It is a game franchise that is well-known for its collaborations with other games and IPs.

The Fortnite and Street Fighter crossover may seem weird initially, as Street Fighter is all about melee combat instead of a shooting game. Each character has its own backstory, and many come from the military or law enforcement. Bob, a more recent addition to the series, is even a bounty hunter.

While the character options are incredibly vast, Ryu will most likely make an appearance in Fortnite. Possibly with a Ken variant since the two characters are identical throughout the game's history.

Whenever Street Fighter crosses over into new territory, Ryu is usually the ambassador. Just like it happened in Super Smash Bros.


There is a good chance that Fortnite players may even see a Street Fighter character in Fortnite tonight, as these things tend to arrive quickly after a leak goes out. If not tonight, then most certainly over the weekend.

Expect a 2,200 V-Buck bundle, or at least a 1,800 V-Buck skin if past releases are any indication of what is to come.

If a Street Fighter collaboration is really on its way into Fortnite, it will be interesting to see what other characters may find their way into the game in the future. Street Fighter's publisher, Capcom, owns different IPs, each with a history of crossing over into each other and various games in general.

Would it be possible that Fortnite players may eventually get Darkstalkers, Mega Man, or Devil May Cry skins? If so, then Fortnite could be in for a fantastic future.

Published 19 Feb 2021, 20:56 IST
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