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Fortnite Season 11: 5 predictions of what's next after the major blackout

Gautam Nath
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14 Oct 2019, 20:52 IST

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Fortnite has ended Season 10 yesterday on October 13 in a surprisingly menacing manner. The season ended with a black hole appearing over the map and consuming the entire Fortnite world. Players could not continue playing nor could they join, despite them selling a Season 11 pass.

Epic Games dramatically called this event "The End". They even deleted all of their Twitter posts with just a picture of the black hole captioned "...". So did Epic Games just take everyone's money and run? Obviously not, the game is too big for such a thing to even be true.

What we do know is that they have some surprises in store and Epic is not willing to reveal what it is yet (though we'll know soon enough). Here are 5 predictions of what we can expect from Season 11 and Fortnite in the future.

#5 An entirely new map

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Fortnite's map has pretty much been the same since the game's inception. They have made some interesting twists between each season, such as a volcano erupting and changing the landscape of the map. Every season gets new variations of the same map.

This time could be entirely different. Competitors such as Apex Legends and PUBG have already given new map layouts for their players but Fortnite is yet to offer that still. Perhaps it's finally time for the revamp.

#4 New Events

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Fortnite has had many types of events, from the season end events to special Limited Time Modes such as the Avenger's event and John Wick. They even distributed special limited-time skins during these events.

If Season 11 is going to be a fresh new start, Epic Games could probably add all kinds of new Limited Time Modes while using their huge connections to develop creative kinds of game modes. Fortnite Creative is already helping with that, perhaps we'll get some updates with that too.

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