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Fortnite Season 4: SypherPK plays the game as LazarBeam would, ends up with hilarious results

SypherPK pranking players while camouflaging himself on the top of reboot van
SypherPK pranking players while camouflaging himself on the top of reboot van
Modified 07 Sep 2020, 17:12 IST

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 has been full of surprises. The Marvel-themed season has packed the island to the brim with Mysterious rifts that are bringing more Point of Interests (POIs) to the map. Currently, the activated beacons are forming a circle over Frenzy Farm, and leaks suggest that the location might get replaced by Anarchy acres, which is a old point of interest.

This season, in particular, has received a lot of praise from the community because of the changes to the weapon pool and the new Marvel superheroes that have been introduced to the game.

Some popular streamers like LazarBeam recently bought a lot of pay-to-win cosmetics and emotes in the game, that can be used to trick enemies.

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SypherPK, a professional Fortnite player and content creator, acknowledged LazarBeam's memes and tested them in real matches to see if they worked.

SypherPK 're-creates' LazarBeam's Fortnite memes

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SypherPK was very skeptical when he attempted LazarBeam's taxi meme in the game. In this meme, the player drives the taxi all around the map and picks up enemies players to drop them to safer spots on the map.

Initially, the players started shooting at his vehicle. However, as he began to honk, the players entered the car and spent a gala time with SypherPK. Later, one of the players even refilled the fuel of the taxi to show his gratitude to SypherPK.

He then went on to become Dr. Doom's henchman and protect him from enemy players. Most of the Fortnite gamers looked confused as Dr. Doom didn't shoot back at them, resulting in a hilarious sequence altogether.

SypherPK then wore a blue-coloured skin in the game to blend himself with the blue light that is placed on the top of reboot vans. It worked most of the times as he caught the players off-guard and got easy eliminations in the game.

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Published 06 Sep 2020, 18:12 IST
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