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Fortnite News: Ninja Gets his own Skin!

Modified 18 Jan 2020, 08:23 IST

Ninja skin with variations, Credits: Fortnite Boards
Ninja skin with variations, Credits: Fortnite Boards

Fortnite Streamer 'Ninja' has finally made it happen for the first time in Fortnite history.

The streamer has been granted his own in-game skin that mimics his real-life self in the Battle Royale game.

Tyler Blevins, who is well known by his alias 'Ninja' is the first Fortnite streamer/content creator who has been honored by Epic Games in a grand gesture like this one. Ninja is also one of the streamers who has been a part of Fortnite since its early days. The streamer has come a long way through trial and error throughout his career and is now without a speck of doubt among the top Esports personalities in the world.

Before we dive deeper into the topic, here is a description of the Ninja skin.

The skin primarily uses a blue color scheme that is matched with a contrasting yellow bandana, which is Tyler's signature and he can be seen wearing those during most of his streaming sessions.

The Ninja Skin also comes with three different selectable styles excluding the default option. The first one has Ninja with his hood covering the head, the other two options, though, come with the face blacked out and glowing eyes. The bandana on the skin is a reactive item, meaning the length of the bandana increases with each kill the player gets.

The Ninja skin is a part of the 'Icon series' and is one of the first skins to hit the shop, but clearly not the last. According to Epic games, we might soon see more skins hit the item shop as a part of collaborations with celebrities and top tier streamers under the 'Icon Series'

It isn't a surprisethat when Ninja had access to his skin for the first time himself, emotions ran wild. In his own words, he stated: "I literally wanted the skin since season 2" and something that has been a dream for so long to come true could be a proud moment for anyone. 

It did, however, come as a shock to the rest of the community as Ninja revealed that only a select few people even knew that his own skin was in talks.


Here is a compilation of some of the best reactions to seeing Ninja's skin.

Published 18 Jan 2020, 08:23 IST
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