Fortnite: Tfue might have accidentally confessed to using steroids

Investigating the
Investigating the 'Is Tfue on steroids' allegations (Image Credits: Faze Jasper on Twitter)

Fortnite streamer ‘Tfue’ has recently been under the limelight for allegedly using steroids. He posted a before and after ‘body transformation’ picture on 24th of June 2020, which has the internet divided on whether the Fortnite prodigy was on performance-enhancing drugs or not. While many believe that the physique he showcased is not possible naturally, others lean towards believing that his genetics may have played a role.

The streamer has also caught the attention of multiple fitness YouTubers and critics. Popular YouTuber Philion rolled even out another video explaining how Tfue is most likely on steroids or some form of performance-enhancing drugs.

In his video titled ‘Tfue’s Ego is out of control’, Philion highlights multiple instances of how Tfue himself could have accidently given in on his alleged steroid use.

WATCH: Is Tfue on Steroids?

Fortnite star’s body transformation picture could have been misleading

Philion addresses how Tfue’s before and after pictures are moons apart. Contrary to his claims that the image on the left was ‘six months’ old, his own Instagram timeline confirms the picture to be from July 2019, making it a year old.

Tfue body transformation - the image on the left was originally uploaded on July 2019 (Image Credits: Tfue)
Tfue body transformation - the image on the left was originally uploaded on July 2019 (Image Credits: Tfue)

The YouTuber exclaims how it is understandable that the Fortnite star used the image for ‘dramatic effect’, but given that his audience primarily consists of young, impressionable kids, it seems slightly dubious, and makes people question his intentions.

I would have gained 50 pounds of muscle if I was on steroids: Tfue

A simple google search makes it clear that it is incredibly hard to gain 50 pounds of lean muscle in a 6-month timeframe naturally; that is, unless, your workout plan, diet and day-to-day routine are textbook perfect, which to say the least wasn’t the case with Tfue.

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WATCH: Tfue responds to steroid allegations

Being an overtly-popular Fortnite streamer, Tfue is used to streaming for 10 to 12-plus hours a day. Although that still leaves him with ample amount of time to workout and go about his daily fitness regime, many have argued that six months is still too short of a time frame to achieve the physique in question, naturally.

Philion also highlights how Tfue lacks the technical understanding of how muscle growth works, while referencing his ‘I could have gained 50-pound on steroid’ comment. You can find the said statement at the 0:46 mark in his video.

The YouTuber also proclaims how the Fortnite streamer has all the traits of a ‘fake natty’: Capped delts, separation in traps, overall vascularity and a dry look.

Although the internet is split on whether the Fortnite pro used performance-enhancing drugs or not, an aspect that cannot be overlooked is the amount of hard work and grind Tfue has put towards his body to go from frail to shredded.

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Edited by Ravi Iyer
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