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Fortnite: Upcoming leaks in the game

Image Credits : Epic Games
Image Credits : Epic Games
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 31 Oct 2020, 00:46 IST

Fortnite is probably the most popular battle royale game out there. 100 players are dropped on to an island, and then the fight to survive ensues. The last man or woman standing wins. That's all there is to Fortnite.

Recent collaborations with Marvel have seen brand new characters being added to the game, along with a plethora of new challenges. The community behind the game is pretty strong as well, with a few individuals going into the code of the game, mining data to see if there are any potential releases that the game might receive shortly. Read on to find about all the new content that Fortnite will be receiving.

Upcoming Fortnite Leaks

#1 Dual Pistols

The dual pistols that Mystique was seen sporting sometime back are making a return this time. We're not really sure if these pistols are going to be here for good, or if they will vanish again, but we're sure that they will be back.

#2 Fire Ball and Fire Jump Ability

These abilities are still not very clear. They sound super cool but it still lacks some clarity. These abilities are scheduled to be a part of the arsenal of a new hero. It'll probably be Captain Marvel who wields these abilities, or it could also go to Ghost Rider.


#3 New Currency

Fortnite is expected to have a new currency dropping pretty shortly. This currency is going to be called a wad, and drops in four different blocks.

  • Small Wad Stash: 25
  • Medium Wad Stash: 100
  • Large Wad Stash: 250
  • Wad Safe: 500

What this currency will be used for is still unknown but it'll probably be used in the item shop or maybe the vending machines will make a return.

#4 Iron Man's Jetpack

Iron man is receiving a new jetpack, which also comes with self regenerating fuel. Chances are this may be the third mythic item that Iron Man receives in Fortnite. This jetpack is definitely different from the other jetpacks that were available previously.


Here's how the jetpack may sound as well.

#5 The Helicarrier

The Nexus war is almost upon us in Fortnite, and to battle the almighty Galactus, SHIELD is getting its defenses ready. That means the Helicarrier is inbound, and will be found in game for the finale, before the season ends.

#6 Christmas Event

If leaked files are to be believed, then we'll be getting a new NPC for the Christmas event in Fortnite. Given the fact that Epic Games loves experimenting with NPCs, it's not unnatural for the game to receive a Snowman NPC this Christmas.


#7 The Slurp Bazooka

A new item known as the Slurp Bazooka is in the works, and it could be an upgraded version of the Bandage bazooka as well, since they share the same mesh. This weapon in Fortnite is supposed to be a part of the Waffle Truck set. It could really give the meta a nice little shake if it were to heal both health and shields, so this one's worth keeping an eye out for.

#8 The Fire Extinguisher

Environmental fire effects were added pretty recently to the game, and it's pretty witty on Epic Games' part to add an object which can actively put out the fire.

#9 MadCap Quests

It looks like Bud the Mushroom is finally making a return this time. We aren't really sure when he'll be back, but he'll be back soon, as a part of the MadCap Quests.


#10 Weapons

Apart from the leaked mythic weapons which I've spoken about previously, around 10 new weapons are in the works as well, including the Dragon Breath Sniper. Chances are this sniper will be able to shoot incendiary bullets.

#11 Item Shop and Skins

The item shop in Fortnite keeps getting a makeover every now and then. Since we know that there's a new season imminent, chances are the item shop will be receiving a makeover pretty soon. Apart from that, just like every season, a brand new range of skins are going to be added to the game.

For Lachlan fans though, there's a new Lachlan skin which is inbound as well.

#12 Refuelling

Till now, we knew that cars needed to be refueled in Fortnite. But if we are to believe the leaks, then very soon boats and choppers will also need to be refueled.


#13 GI Joe and Star Trek themed Content

In a recent tweet, Donald Mustard spoke about the fun meeting he had over Zoom, and said that he'd hidden clues in the background.

Fortnite fans went through the background and spotted these.

So chances are we're going to be getting new GI Joe and Star Trek themed content pretty soon.

We'll keep everyone updated as and when there's more information available about further Fortnite leaks.

Published 31 Oct 2020, 00:46 IST
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