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Fortnite Update: Cube disappears, Leaky Lake renovated

290   //    06 Nov 2018, 09:54 IST

Cube event on Fortnite Live
Cube event on Fortnite Live

WOAH! For all those who were present in-game during the cube event in Fortnite Battle Royale, they are probably the ones who'd understand what I'm going through right now!

What were Epic Games thinking, doing something so mind-boggling that changes the total game in a matter of seconds and that too live with all the players in the game? So let me be more specific in the details.

So for over a week now, the Epic team has been teasing the cube leaving the map and it has finally happened. This event happened the day before yesterday (4th November 2018) at around 11:30 pm IST. A lot of people couldn't enter the game cause the waiting queue was super long with all the servers jam-packed. But for those lucky enough to be in the game while the cube left the map, had the best Fortnite experience till date hands down and everyone has to agree.

So basically what went down is that the existing broken house in the middle of Leaky Lake, which was floating high up in the air because of the cube underneath it isn't there anymore. Now it's more of an island in the middle with patches of ground here and there. Also, there is no more gravity-free zone in the centre of Leaky Lake.

What happened during this event is that all the players in the map were immediately transported to a white serene zone and towards the player swiftly yet graciously floating is a rift in the shape of a butterfly. Once our character touches this rift, we fall back onto the Fortnite map from the sky and behold, the new leaky lake is right below us. Also, there are no more Fortnitemares, so no zombie cubes or anything will be available in game as it was removed along with this Leaky Lake event.