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Fortnite Update: V6.01 Patch Notes

249   //    03 Oct 2018, 18:23 IST

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New update v6.01 out.

The new patch, v6.01 is out right now and has bought quite some interesting changes into the game. The server downtime for this update started at 12:30 pm IST and it came back on at around 2:30 pm IST which is a very long time for the server to be down.

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A new item has been added into the meta, called CHILLER. This is a trap object and can be placed on neutral or own structures such as floors, ceilings or walls. It drops in threes from floor loot, supply drop, treasure chest and llamas.

When an enemy comes in contact with this trap, the player loses friction and the ability to freely turn or move as their legs will be surrounded by ice.

Another thing that has been launched with this patch are all the other skins to be released for the season. Because all this while the data miners could only mine out the battle pass skins. Now in a few days, we will get the leaks of the rest of the cosmetics for this season.

It's still unclear as to when the individual cosmetics will get released, but for sure within the span of the season, they will all get released in the item shop. Keeping in mind that Halloween is coming up at the end of the month, lets just hope that we get some killer skin in the shop by then.

The soaring 50's LTM has been closed down for some time right now due to bugs and will be shortly back up. There was an issue found in the game while the epic team was running their tests.

Playground mode has received major changes in this update. Now, the lobby leader has the options to choose, like for instance, the starting health, time of the day, gravity and more.

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