Fortnite v14.20 Patch Notes: Vampire bundle confirmed, Tony Stark Battle bus, Free Birthday emote, and more

Fortnite v14.20 Patch Notes (Image Credits: Epic Games
Fortnite v14.20 Patch Notes (Image Credits: Epic Games
Modified 24 Sep 2020

From BTS' collaboration to the Rocket League challenges, a lot has happened since Fortnite's v14.10 update. However, Epic Games seems to have yet another update for its players in store.

This time around, the Fortnite update v14.20 brings in several new changes to the in-game storyline and the introduction of the new boss 'Wolverine,' who undoubtedly will be among the top highlights.

According to the Fortnite patch notes that it sends out to individuals with a Support-A-Creator code, the Wolverine boss POI will be situated in Weeping woods. Here are the Fortnite v14.20 Patch notes (Creator notes) in full.

Fortnite v14.20 Update size (Platform Wise)

  • PS4: 2.7 GB
  • Nintendo Switch: 1.7 GB
  • Xbox: 2.71 GB
  • PC: 1.64 GB

Fortnite v14.20 Patch Notes – All leaked cosmetics

As is the case with every Fortnite update, a handful of new cosmetics, including back blings, pickaxes, skin variants, and others, have been introduced with the v14.20 update. Additionally, the following three skins will receive a new style variant.

  • Ventura
  • Venturion
  • Abstract

What's even more surprising is the fact that Abstract has a Shadow faction sign on his shoulder, which has many wondering whether new storyline changes are on their way.

Fortnite Birthday Back bling

While this may not be much of a surprise anymore, Fortnite birthday cosmetics were also added with the update and should be made available for free on the day birthday celebrations go live in the game.

Traditionally, players are required to complete a handful of challenges to acquire the birthday cosmetics, which seems to be the case this year as well.

Additionally, an emote titled 'Take the cake' will be granted for free to all players.

Other Cosmetic Additions

Here are the skins that have been added to the game:

Wolverine in Fortnite update v14.20 – The clawed paladin makes an entrance

As previously mentioned, the major highlight of the 14.20 update is clearly superhero 'Wolverine.' The mighty warrior has found an abode among the mysterious Weeping Woods. The new superhero will allegedly drop his claws as a mythic weapon upon being eliminated.

Players can expect Weeping Woods to turn from a quiet POI to one of the most contested spots in-game.

Fortnite v14.20 Patch Notes – Speed running through major additions

1) A New LTM titled 'Marvel Takeover' has been added into the game files. Players can expect the game mode to be available shortly after the update.

2) Birthday consumables, including consumable cakes, have been added. The Battle Bus should shortly turn Birthday themed as Fortnite's 3rd Birthday celebrations go live.

3) Rare and Uncommon rarity Scoped Assault rifles have been vaulted.

4) New 'Blade' skins confirmed after legacy update – Vampires are coming to Fortnite.

5) Air Royale LTM was revamped and may return in the future.

6) Two new bundles titled 'BTS Dynamite' and 'Blade' were found in the game files.

7) A new POI called 'Superstore' was also added with the v14.20 Fortnite update.

8) An upgraded version of the Fortnite Battle bus was recently leaked. Data-miners suggest that these will be the 'Tony Stark' version.

Fortnite v14.20 Patch Notes - Bug Fixes and workarounds

1) Marvel LTM stability issue on Nintendo Switch.

Description: We're investigating an issue that is causing Switch players to experience poor stability that may lead to a crash while playing the Knockout LTM.

2) Boundless set sticker customization: menu sticker limit.

Description: When customizing the Boundless set, up to 46 sticker choices will be available. If you have more then 46 stickers available and want to use one currently not displayed, follow the below steps:

  • Go into your Locker.
  • Select an Emote slot.
  • Select the Emoticons filter (It's the Llama symbol)
  • Select an emote and favorite it.
  • This sticker will now be available for use on the Boundless Set.

3) Replays not saving on PlayStation 4.

Description: Some players on PlayStation 4 may not see any recorded replays when viewing them in the Career tab.

4) Groot Awakening Island missing.

Description: The Heart Island, part of Groot's Awakening Challenge, is missing on the map. We will be auto-completing this challenge for players until the island returns in a future update.

Published 23 Sep 2020
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