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Fortnite World Cup winner Bugha plays with SypherPK and Ninja for the first time 

SypherPK, Ninja and Bugha joined forces for a memorable game of Fortnite
SypherPK, Ninja and Bugha joined forces for a memorable game of Fortnite
Modified 25 Sep 2020, 21:19 IST

Fortnite is currently halfway through its Marvel-themed superhero season, which has proved to be a hit among ardent fans of the game.

Over the course of its three-year run, Fortnite has witnessed the rise of several notable pro players and streamers, including the likes of Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and Ali "SypherPK" Hassan. The duo is often considered to be a part of the OG Fortnite streamer squad who helped popularize the game among the masses.

It was only recently that SypherPK succeeded in bringing Ninja back to Fortnite, and the 29-year-old star now seems to be enjoying the game once again.

Apart from Ninja and SypherPK, one of the most notable Fortnite pros from the younger generation who has become synonymous with Fortnite is Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf, who will forever be remembered as the inaugural Fortnite World Cup champion.

Recently, in a dream collaboration of sorts, Bugha played alongside SypherPK and Ninja as fans across the globe tuned in to watch the trio in action for the first time.

Bugha plays Fortnite with SypherPK, Ninja and Slushii


Joining SypherPK, Ninja and Bugha in the collaboration was popular American musician Slushii, who is all set to feature in Fortnite Party Royale as part of an exclusive Fortnite x Rocket League concert.

Sypher begins the video by speaking about Bugha's surprise appearance:

"Bugha has not played in pubs since like Season 8. This is the first time he gets to see some of the mythic abilities and pub players."

Before the match begins, Bugha is greeted by a visibly excited Ninja:

"Boogs man! How you doing bro! How's the competitive scene bro?"

Sypher, too, jumps on the bandwagon and hilariously introduces Bugha to his chat:

"Chat, we're playing with Bugha ... I think he won the World Cup or something ..."

Bugha then goes on to reveal that the last time he played pubs was around the time when Siphon was still in the game, adding that in Fortnite Competitive, there aren't really any mythic abilities apart from that of Doctor Doom's.

On seeing the Wolverine mythic abilities, Bugha is bemused and wonders what exactly are they capable of. To this, Sypher responds:

"There's like three different attacks, the basic attack is a jumping attack which does a lot of damage to builds and then there is a dash which you can use to avoid fall damage or even take height ."

At one point in the game, Ninja even ends up coming face-to-face with a competitor wearing the Ninja Icon skin and proceeds to eliminate his 'evil' self.

They also go on to try a 'triple rotate' with the help of a Shockwave Grenade and a Bouncer, which doesn't exactly go according to plan.

The intense match finally ends with SypherPK delivering the killing blow with a slick Iron Man's Unibeam.

Published 25 Sep 2020, 21:19 IST
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