Free Fire unlimited health APK: All you need to know

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A part of the allure of the game is the fact that players desire to become the best among their peers and reach the highest tier in Free Fire. As an extension, despite knowing about the consequences of using illicit applications, many players succumb to such desires to reach the pinnacle.

Also, many newer players are unaware of the consequences of using mods, hacks, and scripts, and fall prey to such tools.

Such activities are no doubt termed as cheating, and Garena has made it clear that they have zero tolerance against any form of cheating and hacking.

This article discussed the unlimited health APK in Free Fire, and the consequences of using it in the game.

What is Free Fire unlimited health APK?

It is the modified version of the game that supposedly provides players with unlimited health in any game mode. This gives them an unfair advantage over others. Some sources that provide such mods even claim that their version is undetectable and comes with an anti-ban feature.

However, this is not true, and there is no such thing as an anti-ban feature. Garena Free Fire continuously works to improve its anti-cheat system and has banned around 90,000 users in June alone.

Is this mod legal?

The FAQ section present on the official website (Image Credits:
The FAQ section present on the official website (Image Credits:

Answering this question is a no-brainer. It is a straightforward hack, and usage of the Free Fire unlimited health APK is 100% illegal. As a matter of fact, usage of any mod is prohibited in the game and is also considered cheating.

Any player that is caught cheating will be permanently suspended from the game, irrespective of the person using the account and the number of diamonds they have.

Many mods might also harm the device, since downloading the game from any third-party source carries a risk.


Players are always advised to stay from all such mods. Usage of Free Fire unlimited health APK is not allowed and never recommended.

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