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Free on Xbox One: Titanfall Season Pass

The Season Pass of Titanfall on Xbox One is completely free right now.

News 13 Mar 2015, 17:09 IST

Titanfall had been released exactly an year ago today, with the 360 release coming over a month later. The game was a bit hit but it failed to hold its position with the release of games like Destiny and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare later in the year. The Season Pass on Xbox One is completely free right now. 

By looking up the Season Pass you will see that the cost is $0.00. This might be a big mistake but given that it happens to fall on the anniversary of the game’s release and has not only the Season Pass discounted, but all three individual map packs as well, we can assume that this was a purposeful discount.

The Xbox Season passes are usually at a price of $24.99 but the individual map packs for it are free right now. If you want to purchase the Season Pass for free for the Xbox One, you can do so here. The Season Pass for Xbox 360 is available here.

Nobody knows if this is a mistake or a gift. Hence, it would be in our best interests to act fast and get a Season Pass for free.

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