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Frontier Developments reveal future plans for Elite: Dangerous

Frontier Developments space trading and combat MMO, ‘Elite: Dangerous’ released just over a month ago

News 30 Jan 2015, 09:26 IST
A screenshot from Elite: Dangerous

Frontier Developments space trading and combat MMO, ‘Elite: Dangerous’ released just over a month ago and while it did receive a lot of positive reviews, players still felt that the game was missing a lot of features. The game developers have promised to add more features to the game in the coming months (and years), so there is a chance that Elite: Dangerous might just become one of the most immersive games out there.

Frontier Developments was present at PAX South 2015, where their PR and Communications Director, Michael Gapper, revealed some of their big plans for the future of Elite: Dangerous. Gapper announced that they will be rolling out two updates this February and March. Update 1.1 and Update 1.2 will look to fix some of the games persistent issues and will also be adding some new fan requested content.

Updates set to include new features

Update 1.1 will include a community goals feature which pilots can take on as a team. These community goals missions will not be easy and players will have to work together in order to complete the objective, which could in turn reshape the games universe.

Update 1.2, on the other hand, will be dealing with the problem of finding your pals in the games massive 400 billion-star galaxy. The game is pretty huge and not everyone can be placed in the same instance of the galaxy, as this would require massive computing power. But the update looks to fix this problem by adding a feature called “Wings”, which essentially works like a clan that gives players the option to join the same instance. This way pilots can join their friends in exploring the galaxy.

While these updates have been confirmed for the game, there are still a few more planned for the future which the development team states is open to alteration, especially since the game evolves. However, they did delve into a few more details of their future plans, like the ability to leave your ship, or landing on planets. These are pretty huge changes for the game and will probably require a lot of time to complete.

Besides these, Frontier Developments is also working on finishing up the Mac version of Elite: Dangerous, though they have not given a release date for this yet. They are also offering some more in-game purchases but reassured players that these items are purely cosmetic in nature and will not affect the gameplay.

The future of Elite: Dangerous sure looks promising though players will have to wait and see if the games updates will live up to their hype. The game already consists of a ton of features and areas for places to explore and these updates will only add to that experience. Check out our review for Elite: Dangerous here.

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