Gamer Girl Trailer: A 'Simp simulator' that is dark, cringe and nope-worthy

The official Gamer Girl trailer was quickly taken down due to the amount of backlash it received online (Image Credits: XBoxViewTV)
The official Gamer Girl trailer was quickly taken down due to the amount of backlash it received online (Image Credits: XBoxViewTV)

Imagine you could control every move someone makes from the comfort of your couch. (Playing god?)

That is precisely what the new FMV game by Wales Interactive has to offer. Less than 48 hours ago, the PlayStation channel on YouTube uploaded a trailer for the game, which has since been taken down due to significant backlash and negative reviews from viewers.

So, what is an FMV game?

For the uninitiated, an 'FMV' game is when motion pictures and video gaming come together to create an interactive experience.

WATCH Trailer: AbiCake99's journey in 'Gamer Girl.'

What was 'Gamer Girl' trying to achieve? – A message from the developers

It's no secret that the internet has its fair share of toxic characters, and now with the 'simp' culture going rampant, a horde of female streamers have reportedly been harassed online, with some even facing death threats.

Sweet Anita, a Twitch streamer, shared her thoughts on the unfortunate situation.

Of late, the streamer has been receiving death threats from an anonymous stalker. Anita recently opened up about the situation on her Twitter, explaining how the stalking has been going on for years now.

On the other end of the spectrum, Wales Interactive, the company behind Gamer Girl, also recently tweeted how their project aims to create awareness around the harsh circumstances female streamers often find themselves in, similar to the case of Sweet Anita.

The internet denies – 'Gamer girl' is as dystopian as it gets

The focus character of Gamer Girl is a streamer called Abicake99, who essentially has no control over her life whatsoever. You (the player) who assume the role of a 'Moderator' are the ones making decisions for her behind the scenes.

As the storyline progresses, the 'moderator' delves deeper into every aspect of Abicake99's life. From choosing if she can 'pick' a phone call to deciding who she gets to talk to. Arguably, this is where most netizens took offense, calling the segment a way to promote the 'simp' culture.

Many also argued how this is the opposite of what Wales said they were trying to achieve, while referring to the aforementioned tweet.

A Twitter user argued how giving people the ability to control the character is indicative of enabling the behavior the company says they are trying to combat.

The FMV title
The FMV title 'Gamer Girl' is expected to release by September 2020

If the disapproving tweets and like to dislike ratio doesn't say it all, Sony had to quickly take the video down moments after uploading, which many assume was due to the backlash it received online.

Edited by Utkarsh Rampal
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