10 best Sega Genesis games

best Sega Genesis games

The Sega Genesis, the gaming console of the nineties, formed the base for the gaming consoles we know today. The 16 bit games made for the Sega Genesis were sold in the form of cartridges. Yes, most of us would be wondering, the console is so old, the games must be easy!I must warn you though, the games on the Sega Genesis were extremely hard and it took a lot of determination to complete these games. Here, we shall have a look at the ten best games that were ever made for the Sega Genesis gaming console. So, sit back and let the feeling of nostalgia seep in!

#10 X-Men 2:Clone Wars

best Sega Genesis games

X-Men bring in a lot of possibilities and a lot more ways to annihilate your opponents. Many of the X-Men games had a major drawback where you could use your superhero’s power very rarely. This however is not the case in this game. You can use Cyclops’s Optic Blast as many times as you want to.

Therefore, there is a lot more room for rampage. Well, if you are playing X-Men what else would you want when you already have the power, the opponents and the ability to abuse your power! X-Men 2: Clone Wars hits a home run and starts the list to the top ten games ever made for the Sega Genesis console!

#9 Contra: Hard Corps

Contra, the name brings back memories of how you shot your opponents and sent them to their graves. Contra: Hard Corps does not disappoint us in any way! You can continue shooting your enemies. The game however, brings in a few new elements.

They include four new characters to choose from, branching mission paths and endings. So, every time you play the game, the result will change. Konami hits it big as usual, as this game was a major success and has earned its right to be in the list.

#8 Double Dragon

Ah! A classic scenario! We have two brothers fighting for the love of the same girlfriend. This story is somewhat familiar to many as we have seen it in a few movies and read it in a few books. Now, imagine playing out the story and violence is an integral part of the game!

Well, if you can imagine that, you have a pretty clear idea about the game Double Dragon. The relationship between the brothers end abruptly as one of them has to betray the other, but all we can say is, ‘Anything is fair in love and war.’

#7 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist

These turtles sure know how to roll! The TMNT franchise is rather large and has fans all over the world. TMNT is one of the beasts when it comes to the beat-em-up genre. The game is very straightforward. You find enemies and beat them to pulp.

Once you are done, you move on to find more enemies! This might seem boring but one must never underestimate the potential of the turtles! A good game for taking out your frustration helps TMNT makes a move into the top ten of the list.

#6 The Lion King

All hail Disney! They grab two spots in the top ten games ever made for Sega Genesis. Disney animators decided to convert the movie into a game and yet again, it had worked for them. This game boasts brilliant graphical detailing and levels that will give the best gamer a very hard time.

The game had been made especially for the kids but navigating through the stampede of bison seemed to be a rather difficult task for Simba and the kids who were controlling him! The game however, brought back the memories of one of the best movies ever made and is a game that must be played by all.

#5 NBA Jam TE

A sports game for the Sega Genesis! This game was a massive hit as it was one of the few sports games for the Genesis that was worth playing. The game was simplified with players playing 2 vs 2, baskets were easier to score and the overall gameplay was highly entertaining.

The game was a fast-paced game and the commentator helped ignite the atmosphere! He seemed to love the phrase “on fire.” A very good sports game for the Genesis and hence, NBA Jam TE will find a place in the top ten games for Sega Genesis.

#4 Earthworm Jim

Funny, laugh riot, hilarious, crazy, insane and entertaining these are a few adjectives that would describe this game. The game is by far one of the weirdest games ever released but it is surprising at how funny this game turned out to be.

Starting from desperately fleeing from a puppy before it tears you to shreds, to flying a crazed crow through space; this game has everything that defines the word weird. The strange thing however is that even though it is weird, the developers have somehow managed to make this game a lovable one. The highlight of the game would be a worm in a super suit!

#3 Aladdin

best Sega Genesis games

Disney’s Aladdin was converted into a marvellous game by Disney’s animators. The game was adopted from the movie and turned out to be a bit hit! That statement might sound impossible in today’s gaming world but Disney managed to pull it off!

The levels were designed perfectly and they looked stunning. What more, you were given an opportunity to wield a sword and kill any enemy who blocks your path. Let us not forget the ride on the magic carpet where you would have to fly the carpet and confront the waves of lava that threaten to kill you.

#2 Super Street Fighter II

Now, now, let us not lie to ourselves! All of us agree that this is one of the best fighting games ever made. There were times when people would sneak out of their homes just to play Street Fighter in the arcade.

In came the Sega Genesis and all problems were solved! Now anyone could turn on their Genesis and beat their friends in an epic battle to the death. The large number of characters and combos available made this game highly entertaining. A perfect game for a small group of people, Super Street Fighter II will always hold a special place in our hearts!

#1 The Sonic Series

best Sega Genesis games

Sonic the Hedgehog was the game that literally set a new dimension in the gaming universe. The game brought in the concept of speed to the gaming world. You could simply wizz past the levels, barely stopping for more than a micro second! It was a game where you could simply exploit the power of speed and the thrill it induced.

Having played any of the Sonic games, one would think that this is how a game is meant to be! A masterpiece that defined a new genre of gaming, Sonic the Hedgehog is, has and always will deserve the number one spot!

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