10 best Spiderman games

best Spiderman games

With Marvel Cinematic Universe and Sony Pictures joining hands to do what would be every comics geek’s fantasy, Spiderman is back to where he belongs – In the Avengers fold. So naturally, the webbed slinger is hot in every news and gossip and speculations from the West. After all, everyone is kind of tired of his solo outings, and are craving to see how he performs as a part of a team.To celebrate this news, we are compiling the best of Spiderman games for you to bring the masked hero into action, and remove the disturbing memories of his recent movie outings (I am looking at you, The Amazing Spider-man 2!!!)

#10 The Amazing Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin

best Spiderman games

This 1990 video-games (later also released in 1991 and 1993), is the earliest incarnation of video-game Spider-Man where he was total fun. With an array of Spidey’s regular villains, like Lizard, Electro and even Venom, Spidey has to fight all his nemesis and reach Kingpin, who has kidnapped his wife, while also proving his innocence in the theft of a nuclear device. What else can be said about this? Just plain nostalgic super fun…

#9 Marvel Heroes

This free-to-play game has most of the heroes in the Marvel roster, yet Spidey is the one what we enjoy playing the most. Thought the storyline isn’t that memorable, that action and the animation is nevertheless, fun and enjoyable.

You also get the opportunity to change Spider-Man’s costumes based on his various avatars in comics, while tagging him up with the likes of Beta Ray Bill and Starlord.

#8 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

The thing about Spidey is that he works well solo, as well as in a team. This game is a perfect example of that. One of the best examples of his teaming up with his Avenger friends is in the very famous storyline – Civil War.

Taking inspirations from that storyline, Spiderman has to take sides in what is to be the biggest rift among heroes the comics has ever seen. This game properly utilizes Spidey in many fun associations with other heroes, especially the Human Torch. Play this one, if you are fan of the Avengers and Spider-Man.

#7 Spider-Man: The Video Game (Arcade)

One of the earliest and better known Spider-Man games ever to grace our consoles. It follows the classic ‘beat ‘em up’ genre to the hilt, yet instills the real spirit of the Spidey comics as needed.

You have all the famous Spidey villains, even Venom, and for some strange reason, Fantastic Four nemesis, Dr. Doom, as well. The gameplay and the dialogues were also note-worthy. Though, the game has aged a lot, the fun hasn’t lessened a bit.

#6 Lego Marvel Super Heroes

The Lego series can never go wrong much in anything that they do – be it their toyline, or movies, or even video-games. Their version of Spidey is also equally enjoyable here. Sorry, not only Spidey, but even the other Marvel heroes, like Wolverine, the Hulk, Fantastic Four and others, shine in their moments.

Also, the important locales belonging to each group also make an appearance here as well, like for Spidey, we have the Daily Bugle. Hope they really bring out a spinoff based on Spidey only!

#5 Spider-Man 2: The Game

best Spiderman games

There are very few instances where games based on movies are equally as good as its inspirations. Spider-Man 2: The Game is a perfect foil to that statement. Also, this is the first Spidey game that manages to give equal importance to the City of New York as much as Spidey.

You feel the city has taken a life of its own here, as the webbed crawler swings across the skyline – an important aspect, the previous titles failed to see.

#4 Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

In the gaming universe, Shattered Dimensions have managed to elicit polarizing views – some criticized its somewhat disjointed narrative, while others loved its unique concept of bringing four Spider-men from alternative realties into a single game.

I, for one, belong to the latter camp; I absolutely love this game! Sure, there are instances where the proceedings gets more than tough, but that has only increased the excitement factor in here. Plus, the noir Spider-Man is so damn crackling!!! He absolutely deserves a spinoff!!!

#3 Ultimate Spider-Man

Spiderman’s second open-world adventure redefined how we play with at our favorite super-hero, while retaining his traditional charm. Compared to its predecessor Spider-Man 2, the developers have worked more the on the environment and given depth to the characters.

Even the missions are given a lot of exciting turns, with the entire gaming now adopting a cel-shaded look. Moreover, Peter Parker is shown as a proper high-school kid, the way we first met him and fell in love with him. Truly classic stuff!!!

#2 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

I have praised this game more than often in a few lists here so much that I thought of avoiding mentioning it again. However, the game is so strong and exciting that I had put it up here (…as well as in my next list…just to give you a warning!).

As you all know by now, this is a game that pits the bets of the Capcom and Marvel heroes against each other in a superb showoff. And with Spiderman in the frenzy, there is a lot of his trademark action and quips to get the ball rolling.

#1 Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

best Spiderman games

This has to be the top, hasn’t it? It stands for everything we love about the spider-bitten hero, and is a great way to spend a couple of our precious hours . It has everything going for it, be it the way New York has been depicted to the cool black symbiote costume (that was much maligned the Spiderman 3 movie…Why, Sam Raimi, why???), and Spiderman executing perfect stunts in his trademark quippy style.

Plus, we also have heroes like Wolverine, Black Widow and Luke Cage appearing in cameos. All, in all, a near perfect package!!!

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